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Twenty-four countries and regions have adopted control measures on China's trade in goods

Twenty-four countries and regions have adopted control measures on China's trade in goods

  • Mar 12,2020.

Twenty-four countries and regions have adopted control measures on China's trade in goods

At least 24 countries and regions have taken measures to control China's trade in goods so far, said Li Xingqian, Director-General of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce, at a press conference on March 5.

Especially in individual countries to limit imports from China live animals and animal products, restricting epidemic prevention and control products export to China, such as face masks, protective clothing, disinfectant, this caused some negative effect to our country. China gives understanding to the practice of relevant countries, but called on the relevant countries respect WHO expert opinion, do not take excessive trade restrictions.

At the press conference, Li Xingqian pointed out that since the outbreak of corona virus, the Chinese government and people have made all out efforts to combat the epidemic and taken the most comprehensive, strict and thorough prevention and control measures. China has the confidence, ability, and surely will win the battle against the Corona virus. WHO spoke highly of this, and stressing that they does not recommend countries to adopt travel or trade restrictions.

China has not banned the export of masks

Li xingqian said that China is a major producer of masks in the world and has been providing export services for medical and civil masks for many years. Annual export volume is stable at more than 70% of the production scale. Masks are free trade products, and Chinese government does not set up any trading controls.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, The Ministry of Commerce, as the administrative department of foreign trade, has never issued a ban on the export of masks and their raw materials, companies can conduct relevant trade in accordance with the principle of marketization.

Li Xingqian also said that in the previous stage of epidemic prevention and control work, many countries lent a helping hand to us. While overcoming our own difficulties, we are willing to provide assistance within our capacity to relevant countries in the field of masks and other medical protective materials, to support countries in fighting the epidemic.

Control measures on China's trade in goods

According to incomplete statistics, up to now, at least 24 countries and regions have taken control measures on China's trade in goods:

Cameroon, Armenia, Mauritius, Georgia, azerbaijan, tajikistan, kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Turkey, Jordan, Iran, Russia, South Korea, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, kazakhstan, Egypt and China Taiwan.

Asian countries (regions) account for 20, up to 83%, most of which are very close to China or even bordering China. Moreover, most of these countries are developing countries with low level of medical care and insufficient productivity of medical protective equipment.

In these countries against China's goods trade control measures, 12 countries banned imports from China, including Georgia, Indonesia, South Korea, azerbaijan, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan, Turkey, Mongolia, Armenia, Egypt, Cameroon and Mauritius, mainly involving live animal, animal products and related products.

There are four countries involved in the quarantine of goods: India, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Cameroon; Iran is prohibited to carry.

The types of goods involved mainly include six categories: epidemic prevention products, live animals, animal products and animal related products, seafood and its products, aquatic organisms, plants and plant products.

The proportion of various product control measures

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