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PUHLER® Service Network: quick, reliable, competent, worldwide.

In its market sector, the "Grinding & Dispersing" Business Unit of the PUHLER® has been a market leader for decades – and that goes for everything from laboratory-scale machines to production plants. The core competencies are in Service, development, the design and construction of dry and wet grinding systems, machines for mixing, kneading and dispersing, as well as dry classification systems for every imaginable application and in every size.

Anyone who has been successful in a specific sector for a long time inherently possesses extensive know-how. We put this competence to work for our customers and offer seamless services and solutions for everything related to our machine and plant portfolio.

Below are just some of our services:

AfterSales Support

PUHLER® Service Network: quick, reliable, competent, worldwide

The After Sales Support team provides on-site professional support, quick installation, and replacement of original parts. From initial contact, through planning and commissioning, to technical consultation, PUHLER® is with you for every step of the journey.

PUHLER® ensures proper and long-term operation of customers’ systems by offering a broad range of services to support customers in the optimization of their system and processes.

Based on longstanding expertise in the areas of development and sales, the Business Unit of Grinding & Dispersing offers the following services for optimizing product quality, machine productivity, and system availability:

Spare Parts

Ensure the Smooth Operation of your PUHLER® Equipment 
The same high quality standards, upon which we base the design and construction of our innovative machines and plants, must also be met by all original PUHLER® spare parts. To preserve the warranty and value of our systems and ensure an exceptionally long service life, we recommend the exclusive use of original PUHLER® parts.

With your original PUHLER® equipment, you receive a detailed operation manual that includes a spare part list of your specific machine. Clear drawings, all parts identified with a code (ident. nr) and a description will make you very easy the identification of the part. Just contact your After Sales support location and our experienced support staff will help you in all the process from the offer to the delivery.


Competitive and fair prices
Spares available regardless of the age of machine
Adjusted delivery times


Left them in capable hands
Regardless of conscientious maintenance and proper operation of any plant, machine failures can occur. So that our customers don't lose a great deal of precious production time in such a case, our service technicians arrive on site very quickly to ensure resumption of production.

A quick initial phone call to our First-Level Support is enough. A qualified and trained After Sales Support staff will evaluate the best and faster next step to initiate the reparation. Trust in PUHLER® experienced mechanical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic specialists.

We also offer our customers this same prompt and competent support within the scope of scheduled service repairs, because the proper functioning of your machines is our number one priority.


Competitive and fair prices
Quick answer time
Minimize machine downtimes
Coordination with PUHLER®original spare parts supply
Professional and trained advice
Maintenance / Inspection / Service Agreements
Your PUHLER®equipment always in good conditions
Maintenance / Inspection

With PUHLER®, the comprehensive service mindset remains valid in the area of maintenance and repair of our products as well. Upon request, we will perform all of the maintenance work on machines and plants, including replacement of expendable parts. In addition, we will carry out wear assessments and service life projections with you in order to optimize maintenance intervals.

Through regular inspections, maintenance and prompt replacement of worn consumable parts, maximum machine availability is ensured and the most frequent causes of failures are eliminated.

Service Agreements
…and forget the rest

Within the framework of customized service agreements, we can monitor and document the operation of individual machines or entire systems over a specific period of time in order to achieve exceptional performance. In addition to a convenient annual all-inclusive price, the PUHLER®service packages include other exclusive benefits such as discounts on spare parts and an availability guarantee for short-term, on-site expert support


Steady, ready, produce
PUHLER® customers benefit from our expertise from the very first step of the planning process. Long before delivery of the ordered systems, we advise you with respect to preparatory measures and provide tips and technical advice so that everything is ready prior to arrival. As soon as the machine arrives at the production site, our experts are also there to assist and advise you throughout the installation.

Upon completion of the installation, the PUHLER®technicians check the function and safety of the entire system, provide personnel with intensive training on the operation of the machines and, together with the customer, start up the first production run.


Dry commissioning without product
Wet commissioning with product
Personnel training
Re-commissioning for new products production
Re-commissioning after long out of service periods
Commissioning after location handover


As good as new
For long-time operators of PUHLER® systems that are no longer state-of-the-art,PUHLER® offers the reconditioning of individual components or complete plants. This leads, on the one hand, to an improvement in performance and, on the other hand, can significantly increase the lifetime of the affected systems. In these cases, our specialists can also advise you with regard to the requirements that can be defined by the customer. If, for example, higher standards are to be met with respect to quality and productivity, exchanging the processing chamber for a new model can achieve that goal.

If the wear resistance of the mechanical parts is to be improved, the application of advanced materials can be the remedy. The same goes for outdated control and automation components. Even in the area of industrial safety, sensible adaptations to modern standards can contribute to the efficient operation of a machine far beyond its actual service life. PUHLER® offers all modernization work possible on its own machines, up to the complete overhaul of entire systems, which then perform according to the latest technical standards.

Below are just some of our services:

Individual modernization and upgrading of your machine
Increase of productivity, operating safety and operator convenience
Optimization of your system according to your product and your application
Assessment of your machine´s condition
Evaluation of the necessary investment measures
Carrying out of all revision work at our premises or yours
Recommissioning incl. all paperwork

Process Optimization

A step further
Over time, the demand patterns, technical standards and requirements of the manufacturers with respect to the energy efficiency of their systems change in every industry. In order to be able to react to these and similar demands, LEIMIX is continually developing new mechanisms to adapt existing system components to challenges of the future. In so doing, we help our customers optimize their processes step by step. Whether at the customer's facility or our in-house technical center – our experts define potentials and help implement them economically. At the end of such an optimization process there is generally significant potential for improvement of the customer's machinery in terms of productivity, quality, safety, energy consumption and maintenance costs.

PUHLER® provides the following support and advice:
Supply of planning fundamentals
Test of utilities and output
Arrangement drawings
Diagrams in terms of process engineering
Complete factory design plannings
Cost – benefit analysis

Toll Grinding atPUHLER®

PUHLER® is a service company with locations in Hamburg as well as the facility in Italy and is part of the Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing in the PUHLER®. As a leading international company, we also offer toll services for the wet grinding sector, which are performed at our location in Hamburg Germany、Bologna Italy、Guangzhou China、Chennai India.

PUHLER®offers you:

Extensive know-how
Qualified personnel
A broad range of machinery
The latest technology DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification
Your Benefits from toll grinding:

No operating costs
No planning costs
No investment costs
No space requirements
High degree of flexibility
Bridge capacity bottlenecks
Highest product quality - reproducible!
Introduction of new products to the market with minimal risk

We work with an ultra-modern and diversified selection of machinery for mechanical processing of a variety of materials. In addition to a pilot plant for product development and processing of small quantities, our state-of-the-art laboratories offer additional technologies for diverse analyses and quality assurance. We are mindful of providing the highest quality in all processes. The service we provide for your application also includes eminently important factors such as packaging, labeling and warehouse logistics, which our specialists adapt to your requirements with speed and flexibility. Hazardous materials are handled with exceptional professional responsibility. We also offer contract services in the area of wet grinding and dispersion of powders in liquids.

Challenge us – we'll work closely with you to find a customized solution. Whether the finest classification, demanding grinding tasks, or the related analyses – we always offer you a quick and professional solution. We combine tradition, know-how and pioneering products in excellent quality and technology.

Application laboratory for testing your product

PUHLER®applications laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are part of our comprehensive service program. The LEIMIX wet grinding and mixing laboratory is located in Bologna Italy、Guangzhou China、Chennai India. The dry grinding and classifying laboratory is located in Bologna Italy、Guangzhou China. From the initial contact, through planning and commissioning, to technical consultation, on-site professional support and quick replacement of original parts – with us, no customer is left on his own.

These laboratories allow us to accurately test customer products in order to obtain the maximum grinding efficiency according to customer specifications. Grinding tests can be run on both laboratory scale and production sized machines. After testing is complete, a comprehensive test report, including a sample of the final product, is prepared and sent to the customer.

Customers are welcome to take part in the testing of their product, guaranteeing that all tests are run exactly according to their requirements. During the trials, customers will also learn more about our company, its manufacturing abilities and staff.

New Products

  • high speed disperser

    PSD High Speed Disperser Dissolver PSD practical and well dispersed! Powerful and innovative solutions. Column mixers for small to mid-size batches Plant mixers for line production ContiMixer for automated, continuous production

  • Peg grinding bead mill

    PHE SuperMaxFlow®+H Peg Grinding Bead Mill Continuous innovation, to bring you perfect products. Welcome to be Puhler customer, to experience brand new wet grinding technology Traditional and Classical Perfect Design, Perfect Product PHE SuperMaxFlow®+H patented grinding and dispersing technology SMF+ high efficiency centrifugal dynamic separation system

  • flat bed CNC lathe machine

    CKC/CKD 61103 series CNC lathe This series cnc turning machines are semi-circle controlled, with some advanced functions like threading tolerance compensation, variable frequency acceleration and so on. With this machine, not only the machining jobs which a horizontal lathe does can be done, but also auto position changing of turret and multi-step continuous machining can be realized. This machines are specially used for machining spare parts in bulk and in different type.

  • Automatic CNC lathe

    CNC Lathe machine CKC(D)6183 The CNC Lathe machine is suitable to process all kinds of small and middle-sized shaft and plate work piece,and could also turn various threads,circle arc,circular cone,inside and outside surface of revolved body.This machine is widely used in sanitary,valve,electrical appliance,instrument,automobile,motorcycle,bearings and so on.

  • nano bead mill

    PHN SuperMaxZeta® Horizontal Nano Bead Mill PHN SuperMaxZeta® Horizontal Nano Bead Mill -Innovation in nano wet grinding technology Starting from the "Core", More powerful One engineer, One set of grinding system, Customized your own bead mill High Capacity and Efficiency Choice of many leading enterprise

  • Bead mill

    iMo Smart® New Generation Agitator Bead Mill New Generation of Agitator Bead Mill Unique machinery manufacturing technology. Horizontal bead mill Uses smaller grinding beads and higher energy density to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

  • Inline disperser

    InNovaZ TRL-H Inline Disperser System InNovaZ TRL-H Inline Disperser System - A new concept of pressurized wetting and mild dispersing, the combination of vacuum dispersing and shearing with pressurized wetting can disperse and defoaming evenly.

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