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PUHLER, walking with health

PUHLER, walking with health

  • Jul 10,2020.

PUHLER®, walking with health

As a high-tech enterprise positioned at the middle and high-end intelligent equipment market, PUHLER® adheres to the route of high starting point, high quality and high value-added products. We provides users with excellent quality, stable performance, durable online mixing and dispersing machine, intelligent nano grinding bead mill and other front-end refined production equipments. And can provide scientific and efficient production integration customized solutions, and strive to improve the productivity and competitiveness of users, help customer enterprises to take off.

Accurate positioning, intelligent manufacturing

PUHLER®'s main business is divided into five major parts: wet grinding, dry grinding, mixing and dispersing, mask production equipment and smart factory. Products include peg type bead mill, disc bead mill, high-speed dispersing machine, jet mill, ball mill, high pressure homogenizer, vacuum deaeration machine, plane mask machine, KN95 mask machine, ultrasonic welding equipment and so on, more than 10 categories, dozens of models, which can be widely applied in biological pharmaceutical, chemical, pharmaceutical, veterinary medicine, pesticide, high-end food, nutrition & health food, food supplements, new beverage, cosmetics, daily chemical products, health care and scientific research and other fields, and can offer the world's leading application solutions for industry users.

Advantages of PUHLER® machines in pharmaceutical:

Active ingredients and additives produced usually require nanometer fineness and narrow particle size distribution to achieve:
1) Faster, higher efficient
2) More accurate quantification
3) Minor side effects
4) Maximize the use of raw materials
5) Improved formula
6) Eliminate side effects and pollution from other sources
7) Better efficacy
8) Improve safety

Our machines not only meet the above requirements, but also can be surface treated according to different specifications of raw materials, with no dead angles to achieve an average roughness Ra < 0.4 μm or higher. The machine is designed in accordance with GMP and is easy to clean and maintain.

Driven by innovation, leading by technology

Innovation drives development, every step of PUHLER®'s development is inseparable from the power of innovation. Over the years, the Group has always insisted to scientific and technological innovation, continued to invest a huge amount of research funds, developed a series of new products and technologies with independent intellectual property rights, provide reliable guarantee and strong support for the rapid and high-quality development of the enterpriseer.

PUHLER® has a modern grinding and dispersing application experience center in Guangzhou, a professional technical R&D team, from process upgrade to large-scale, industrialized production, from stand-alone production to fully automatic, highly compatible on-line intelligent production line, we are always with high standard, high quality to match and meet customer's diversified, multi-level demand, creating the value pursuit of beyond expectations for our users.


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