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PUHLER, never stops on the road of exploration

PUHLER, never stops on the road of exploration

  • Aug 15,2020.

PUHLER®, never stops on the road of exploration

Every footprint is our pride,

Deliberately, just to meet you,

In every venue that we are,

Are the steps we move forward,

Believing in PUHLER®'s efforts,

It is worth your expectation!

Aug 6-7th, 2020 Panyu ● Guangzhou

The 4th National Alumina Powder Preparation and Application Technology Exchange Meeting

The report experts of this meeting have confirmed some technical dark area that we usually don't notice, and pointed out the directions of some R&D and production for the industry enterprise. Such as nano alumina powder field in form of existence and its effect on alumina properties, the material structure design of zirconia toughened alumina, the application of alumina, the current boom in demand for spherical aluminum oxide in the electronic packaging market, etc., to make profound discussion and analysis for the participants.

Aug 7-8th, 2020 Panyu ● Guangzhou

2020 Advanced Ceramics Innovation and Development Forum and New Product Exhibition

The theme of this ceramic forum is focus on the hot application direction and technological development trend of advanced ceramic industry. The preparation of boron carbide ceramics and their applications in the field of bulletproof armor, the technical development application and market of piezoelectric ceramics and devices, the production and applications of silicon carbide ceramic heat exchanger components, the application of microwave dielectric ceramic in the field of 5G filter, advanced ceramic laser 3D printing technology and application, lightweight design of advanced ceramic components with the add material manufacture, etc. to interpret innovative applications of advanced ceramics comprehensively.

Aug 7-8th, 2020 Jiangmen ● Guangdong

2020 Guangdong Coating Industry Development Conference

In order to promote the development of Guangdong coating industry, and the in-depth development of the upstream and downstream of coating industry chain, the conference takes "Quality Industry, common development - Build a high-quality development community for the whole industry chain of coating" as the theme, with the keynote of "cohere and improving industry morale", to sort out the high-quality development context of Guangdong Coatings in the post-epidemic era from form and content.

Guangdong paint industry is not only committed to the development of the coating industry, but also put more love into the public welfare undertakings. PUHLER® Group has always been concerned about the education of children in mountainous area, actively respond to the call of Association of Guangdong Coating, participate in public welfare activity, obtained the honor certificate that issued by mountainous area school.

Face to the public welfare, PUHLER® Group has always been duty-bound, in the spirit of "create value, return to the society", go forward.

In the past serious times of the epidemic, at the critical juncture when work resumption is imminent but masks are in short supply, PUHLER® first quickly switched production and upgraded, put into the R&D and production of mask production lines, grabbed a breath chance for the national mask production. At the same time, PUHLER® Group donated 10,000 masks to the Guangdong Coatings Association to help the coatings industry resume work, and won heartfelt thanks and praise from the industry!

In the first half month of this August, PUHLER® Group has not only demonstrated its innovative R&D capabilities and super strong production capabilities, but also gained the favor of many experts. More importantly, the company has gained technical exchanges, which have absorbed nutrients for improving the comprehensive strength of the enterprise and promoting the industry development.

PUHLER® Group has always been on the road, continuously committed to research and development of grinding and dispersing technology, continue to innovate in the powder preparation industry, create competitive grinding and dispersing products, highlight the extraordinary charm of the traditional manufacturing industry, and promote enterprise innovation and upgrading.

1. PQW Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet Mill 2. DHM Dry Grinding System Bead Mill 3. InNovaZ TRL-C Inline Disperser

1. PHN SuperMaxZeta Nano Bead mill 2. PHE SuperMaxFlow Disk Bead Mill 3. InNovaZ TRL-H Inline Disperser System


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