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PUHLER in ChinaCoat 2019

PUHLER in ChinaCoat 2019

  • Nov 7,2019.

PUHLER in the 24th ChinaCoat, 2019, shining the light of technology

On November 18, 2019, the 24th ChinaCoat exhibition opened in Shanghai new international exhibition center, brought over 1,600 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions, it is the global coating industry event. PUHLER is committed to the coating industry, with advanced dry and wet grinding technology and mature mixed dispersion process solutions. At this international exhibition, PUHLER brought the innovative products (a new generation of iMo Smart + InNovaZ TRL-H + PHN SuperMaxZeta 25). Technology innovation, to inaugurate a nano new world.

wet grinding

At the exhibition, the whole set of operating system attracted the attention of visitors, they come to our booth for more details and communication, each PUHLER staff took out their abundant enthusiasm and the professional technical accumulation, discuss and analyze with every visitor, it was remarkable.

PUHLER in ChinaCoat

Thank you very much for your attention and support to PUHLER (Guangdong) Smart Nano Technology Co., Ltd. We serve sincerely. Thank you for coming to our booth for technical exchange and analysis. We provide professional and mature technology, high quality products, to help your business going to next higher level. PUHLER always keep innovating and developing, adhere to the principle of "Grinding is simpler than ever", strive for excellence in the innovation of grinding technology.

PUHLER provides not only the equipment, but also advanced production technology process to achieve: low pollution, low labor input, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. Intergration - Automation - Intelligence, PUHLER's intergration solutions, specially customized for upgrading and new project, to help your company improve and take off.

PUHLER looks forward to cooperate with you in the future!

See you in Guangzhou, ChinaCoat 2020!

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