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PUHLER Group's offline 'First Show' in 2020

PUHLER Group's offline 'First Show' in 2020

  • Jun 24,2020.

PUHLER® Group's offline 'First Show' in 2020

In early 2020, an epidemic came in full force. Now, thanks to the joint efforts of people all over the world, everything is recovering. Finally, it was time for offline exhibition activities to restart, social enterprises to regain their momentum and speed up the recovery of the economic market after the epidemic.

On June 9, 2020, the 2020 (the 3th) Water-based Emulsion Dispersion Technology Development Forum was grandly opened in FengDa Hotel, Hefei, Anhui, where experts and scholars, engineers and technicians from domestic and abroad gathered to fully comunicate, brainstorm and exchange ideas. The number of participants was nearly 2000, a grand occasion.

This conference gathered leading enterprises and well-known enterprises in the industry, every enterprise is get ready for developing, around the topic of water-based emulsion & dispersion technology development launched in-depth analysis. PUHLER® has many years of technical experience in mixed dispersion and nano grinding industry, was invited to attend the seminar as an enterprise guest, which opened PUHLER®'s offline "First Show" in 2020.

At the conference site, the dispersing and grinding system of PUHLER® aroused the interest of many participants, they all wanted to do more consultation in front of the booth. The engineers of PUHLER® answered each question with their professional technical knowledge and good service attitude.

PUHLER®'s dispersing and grinding system is composed of the high-speed pre-mix equipment Inline Disperser System TRL + coarse grinding equipment Peg Grinding Bead Mill PHE + fine grinding equipment Peg grinding system of Nano Mill PHN combination, which can complete the material production process with high efficiency and high quality, and experience the brand new grinding and dispersing technology.

Pre-mixing equipment

Pre-mixing equipment

InNovaZ TRL-H3 Inline Disperser System

Motor power 5.5KW
Rotating speed of motor 1000~3000r/min
Powder input volume 0~0.3m³/h
Slurry circulation volume 1~2m³/h

Coarse grinding equipment

PHE SuperMaxFlow®60H Peg Grinding Bead Mill

Motor power 75KW
Rate of flow 2100L/h
Zirconium bead diameter 0.3~2.0mm
Filling rate of grinding medium 75~90%

Fine grinding equipment

PHN SuperMaxZeta®25 Peg grinding system of Nano Mill

Motor power 37KW
Rate of flow 2100L/h
Zirconium bead diameter 0.05~0.3mm
Filling rate of grinding medium 75~90%

With the communication and analysis of industry experts, and the attention of the participants, PUHLER® continues to move forward without any slack. In the next six months, we will actively attend industry exhibitions with our sophisticated equipment and professional technical services.

We are waiting for you!

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