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PUHLER Group donated 10,000 masks to help Guangdong coating industry to resume production

PUHLER Group donated 10,000 masks to help Guangdong coating industry to resume production

  • Apr 7,2020.

PUHLER® Group donated 10,000 masks

to help Guangdong coating industry to resume production

At the beginning of this New Year, Covid-19 spread throughout the country. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, affecting everyone's heart. With a high sense of corporate mission and a strong sense of homeland, PUHLER® joined the epidemic prevention and control battle, we dare to act and share responsibilities.

Help on resuming production, donated 10,000 masks for the industry

Guangdong coating enterprises have entered the critical period of resume working or waiting to resume to work, Guangdong Coating Industry Association made an industry research for member enterprises on resuming work and production time and practical difficulties. Among them, the shortage of masks has become a common problem.

After knowing the needs and difficulties of the industry, to solve the problem of masks shortage, and help the coating enterprises in Guangdong to resume production, PUHLER® went around, through various channels for the industry to raise mask supplies.

On February 24, through the Guangdong Coating Industry Association, PUHLER® Group donated 10,000 masks to the member enterprises in need, and held a donation ceremony.

Ms.Tang Nengjuan, executive director of PUHLER® Group, expressed her appreciation for all the work done by the Guangdong Coatings Industry Association to solve problems for member companies, and conveyed the original intention of Mr. Lei Limeng, chairman of PUHLER Group. She said that in this war without smoke, PUHLER® Group hopes to do more within its ability to win this epidemic prevention and control war with all sectors of society.

Lv Shuilie, Secretary General of the Guangdong Coatings Industry Association, spoke highly of PUHLER Group's kindness act, and expressed gratitude to the team. PUHLER® Group, the first time after the new year began to develop mask machine, providing intelligent mask machine support. At the critical juncture of resuming production in the industry, PUHLER® Group donated 10,000 masks to the industry to solve the urgent needs, reflecting the innovation, and responsibility of an excellent enterprise.

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