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PUHLER Group 13 eventful years, brilliant because of you, happy birthday!

PUHLER Group 13 eventful years, brilliant because of you, happy birthday!

  • Aug 8,2020.

PUHLER® Group 13 eventful years, brilliant because of you, happy birthday!

The Tail of July has been sung softly

The bright sun replaces the soft wind

Set the stage for the heat to comeback

Also quietly tell you

It's the 30th of July

In that shinny sun

Enthusiasm is spreading in PUHLER® Group

Because this day, is the helm of PUHLER® Group

Mr.Lei Linmeng's


Behind the great birthday party

There are many tedious and trivial preparations

These are all the best wishes from every employee

Cakes, flowers, delicacies,

We share good time together

Each birthday is witnessing your glorious journey

Thank you for being our leader

Lead us over mountains and years

Meet the blue sky and the future

PUHLER® Group 13 eventful years

Brilliant because of you

We wish you a very very happy birthday, Dennis, and we wish you a lot of good luck, and a lot of business in the future.

Hope your business grow very well and hope your business grow very high

Group Member - Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Co., LTD

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Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd. inherits the core patent technology, brand, excellent talents and market resources of Changsha No.2 Machine Tool Plant (founded in 1956 as a designated lathe manufacturer of the Machinery Ministry and a state-owned medium-sized enterprise), and restructured and established in 2017.

On Mr. Lei Limeng's' birthday, in Changsha, Hunan province, our family the Jinling carefully prepared a wish video, wishing him a happy birthday!

India Office

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In July 2018, as an important practice of going abroad under the national 'One Belt, One Road' initiative, PUHLER® Group set up a joint venture LEIMIX India Pvt. Ltd. with LEIMIX GmbH, located in Nolambur, Chennai, India.

Adil Rashid Khan sent a birthday wish from the India office

PUHLER®, a loving family

Looking back on the road we walked together


Under the guidance of the helmsman

In the spirit of craftsmanship

Through the wind and waves, go forward

Speech by Mr.Lei Limeng:

First of all, thank you very much for your blessings. It is my greatest happiness and wishes to see you all happy. Today I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff, thank you, and share the happiness with you. It is also hoped that this party will deepen the communication and interaction between the two teams, and create an atmosphere of unity, gratitude and happiness.

In the Spring Festival of 2020, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted the resumption plan of the entire group and the progress of new factory project acceptance. Faced with the negative impact of the outbreak, and the multiple pressure of market competition, everyone is not afraid of difficulties and bravely accepts challenges. While doing its own epidemic prevention, our team did not stop. Led by Mr. Tan, the team urgently organized the resumption of work, developing the mask production line and its supporting ultrasonic equipment. The Jinling team, under the arrangement of Mr. Li in the orderly, do the final commissioning and trial production work of several equipment. Our sales team also shown their abilities, successfully completed the task. Normal operations were all resumed in mid-April.

Thank you again for your efforts during the epidemic, and thank you to all the family members who silently contributed. Hope you can achieve the final goal of the year through your hard work in the next five months.

Wish you all in good health, happiness for you and your families, and every success in your work!


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