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PUHLER 2019 Work Summary & 2020 Work Plan

PUHLER 2019 Work Summary & 2020 Work Plan

  • Jan 29,2020.

PUHLER 2019 Work Summary & 2020 Work Plan

It is worth looking forward to the future --

Time flies as the years go by, the work in 2019 has come to the end. Looking back on the past year, with the joint efforts of all the leaders and employees, the company has achieved remarkable business, improved its industry status and social image, and achieved all-round development in various works.


On January 7, 2020, PUHLER gathered the sales elites from all major offices in the country and held the annual meeting in the headquarters. In this year full of achievements, there were too many joys and experiences to share, and too many hardships for us to summarize.

2019 is an extraordinary year, because you have created the distinguished achievements. The goal set had been overfulfilled, the perfect end of each order is the result of your hard work. Besides, the new start of PUHLER in 2019 -- big health business division, has made a breakthrough, came into the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry, we believe that the future will be better and better.

The general manager of PUHLER Group Mr. Dennis Lei, made a profound analysis and subtle comments on the annual summary and plan of the participants.

Says Mr Dennis Lei: 2019 is "the decisive key to the years", "crucial year of conversion of old and new functions". Along the way is not only honor and joy, but more is hard and sweat, even if the difficulties, we have overcome.

On the third day, the report meeting of all functional departments was held. Each department reviewed and summarized the work of 2019, the achievements they got and the difficulties they met. The work plan for 2020 was also deployed one by one. During the sharing process, every department leader participated in the discussion, to give suggestions for the work in 2020, for better 2020.

2019 had already past, and 2020 has come.

Energized, Promote. Make good deployment for the 2020, starting a new journey!

We are worth looking forward to the future!

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