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Column mixers for small to mid-size batches
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The PSD Dissolver is used for dispersing solids in liquids,High speed disperser for coating. The product is mixed in batches in an exchangeable tank.
In all application ranges for wet grinding and dispersion, the result of the entire process is dependent on the quality of the pre-treatment, i.e., mixing and pre-dispersion of the raw materials. PUHLER can supply the suitable solution – from individual mixing units through to complete production plants.

Column mixers for small to mid-size batches

PUHLER offers different column mixers dependent on application and product viscosity: High speed dissolvers for per-dispersion, butterfly mixers for high viscosity products and twin-shaft mixers for combined mixing and pre-dispersing.

Plant mixers for production lines

For large-scale production plants, solid and liquid components are automatically dosed into the mixing tank. The raw materials are then pre-dispersed under high energy input in the mixing tank and subsequently pumped into a holding tank. After final dispersion by means of agitated media mill or three-roll mill, the final product is fed into storage tanks.


* The dissolver is a high-speed, large capacity disperser with high level of efficiency. Suitable for dispersing medium - high viscosity materials, widely used in the dispersing process of paints, inks and pigments.

* Push-button speed control.

* Speed indicator and automatic speed reduction.

* The product is accelerated radially by the dispersing disk, deflected to the top and bottom at the tank wall and directed back to the dispersing disk through formation of a vortex Shear forces around the circumference of the toothed disk result in highly efficient dispersion, good wetting and deagglomeration.

* For high-viscosity products, a tank wall scraping device can aid the mixing and dispersing process

* Hydraulic lifting/lowering device

* Push-button stroke adjustment

* Adjustable tank clamping mechanism

* Stainless steel shaft and dispersing disk; additional product-specific mixing tools available depending on the application

* Manufactured in accordance with CE and EX guidelines


Mechanical transmission high speed strong dispersing machine is wide belt transmission mechanical dispersing machine, the efficiency is up to 92%. The rise and fall of the disperser has an independent hydraulic system, the cylinder of the disperser is fixed by clamping, the upper part can swing, can be installed scraper, can also operate under vacuum conditions, and has safety protection device and display instrument. The installed power of PSD varies from 4.0kW to 350kW. It can be used with PHE or PHN series horizontal bead mill to form production line of paint, ink or pigment.

In paint and coating industry, there is great need to reduce the production cost and to increase the production efficiency, which can be realized by optimizing production process and dispersing disk.

The use of the double layer dispersing disk makes the great increase of the production efficiency and product quality. The whole dispersing process starting from the feeding of the product to the completion of the disperse, no matter how big (from 2 liter to 5000 liter) of the tank, can be realized in one hour.

New hybrid processing technology, the separated operation of mixing and dispersing process greatly reduces the energy consumption of the entire production process. The compact design of this high-speed dispersing machine is easy to integrate into the automatic production line, and prevents gas and powder pollution.


* Application-specific tank cover designs

Vacuum design

* Scraping device for tank wall

* Temperature sensor


* Design for ceiling installation with hinged head

Various explosion protection ratings

Special tank clamping mechanisms

* PLC-controlled units


Unit PSD 1.5 PSD 11 PSD 15 PSD 22 PSD 30 PSD 37 PSD 45 PSD 55 PSD 75 PSD 90 PSD 110
Motor power kw 1.5 11 15 18.5-22 30 37 45 55 75 90 110
Rotation Speed rpm 60-2800 200-2800 170-2600 120-1800 100-1500 90-1350 90-1350 90-1300 150-1300 150-1300 150-1300
Height mm 755 1524 1975 1975 2145 2145 2145 2925 1800 2200 2200
Disk diameter mm 50-100 200-250 300-450 400-550 400-550 500-650 400-550 500-650 500 600 700
Tank diameter mm 100-250 400-550 400-1100 400-1100 600-1300 600-1300 600-1300 600-1500 1600 1800 2000
Tank height mm 300 900 1270 1270 1400 1400 1400 1700 1600 1800 2000
Weight Kg 160 750 850 980 1100 1220 1320 1580 1870 2150 2470

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