PQW Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet mill

Dry grinding

PQW Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet mill

PQW Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet Mill

PQW Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet Mill

PQW Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet Mill

for Hard or temperature sensitive product

Jet mills are impact mills which are used to achieve maximum fineness values at maximum product purity.

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In the past, multiple-step processing such as the conventional grinding-classifying-process with fine impact mills and subsequent coarse grain separation in an air classifier, was the process of choice.


PQW Fluidised Bed Opposed Jet Mill - Suitable for fine grinding of all dry powders without contamination.Basically, the grinding energy generated by the material alone through air flow is self-grinding, and the machine itself has no wear.Air mill with adjustable speed classifier, to adapt to the required material fineness.It can adjust various grinding parameters and consistency of product quality are guaranteed.Even the hardest materials can be crushed in air mill.Suitable for materials with high purity and low temperature requirements, such as pharmaceuticals; Equipped with inert gas protection system, it is also applicable to inflammable and explosive, materials that can't be oxidized or contaminated,such as metal powder, lithium iron phosphate and other new industries.

Grinding and Classifier technological process:

PQW fluidised bed opposed jet mills is the latest generation of ultra-fine pulverizer. Set the world's most advanced multi - nozzle technology, fluidised bed technology and vertical classification technology are integrated to realize the diversification of flow field, fluidization of material layer, classification of vertical and mechatronics integrated technology system is the development direction of this fluidized bed jet mills.


High purity materials : phosphor, special ceramics, silica gel, alumina, color toner; 
High hardness materials : tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, boron carbide, tungsten oxide, zirconia, silicon oxide, emery; 
Heat sensitive materials :toner, pesticide; 
Plastic materials : all kinds of resin products; 
Difficult to crush materials :flake mica, graphite, talcum powder; 
High density porous material : silica gel.


PQW Type 10 16 32 50 71 100 120 150 180
Capacity factor - - 0.35 1 2 4 6 9 12
Air flow [m³/h] 60 90 330 960 1920 3860 5770 8930 11660
Number of grinding nozzles 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4
Nozzle diameter [mm] 2.1 2.6 5 8.5 12 17 18 22.4 25.6
Grinding chamber [mm] 140 200 350 600 800 1200 1500 1800 2100
Classifier wheel power [max KW] 0.75 1.5 2.2 7.5 15 30 55 75 90
Max.speed [rpm] 18000 12000 7000 5100 3600 2600 2200 1700 1550

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