Technical information


Technical information

PL-XF200 Vacuum vertical powder suction and dispersion tank

PL-XF200 Vacuum vertical powder suction and dispersion tank

  • Aug 24,2020.

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PL-XF200 Vacuum Vertical Powder Suction and Dispersion Tank

Effective volume: 200L, powder absorption: 0-30Kg/min

Working principle

The dispersion tank containing solvent is connected to the vacuum pump, made the tank to reach negative pressure environment, the powder is sucked in through the vacuum. The powder enter the high-speed rotating stator and rotor through the powder inlet pipe, under the action of shearing, powder and solvent wet completely, and evenly dispersed in the liquid. The prepared slurry is discharging from the oulet, quickly complete feeding, wetting, dispersing, and mixing process.


● High efficiency of powder absorption, dispersion and mixing:

The equipment has a stable vacuum and higher material absorption efficiency. At the same time, in a vacuum environment, no dust will be generated, and air will be prevented from entering during mixing, to ensure that the dispersive mixing form a uniform and stable slurry.

● Multi-impeller design:

Several impellers are designed for powder and liquid feed in vacuum environment. The effect of powder absorption and discharge is better.

● Material optional:

Powder feeding pipe can choose steel wire hose or SUS304;

● Strong adaptability:

Flexible installation, small floor space, wide application, and can be used for old equipment renovation, with low renovation cost.

Range of application

Chemical industry: Battery materials, Resin emulsion, Dyes, Coatings, Carbon black dispersion;

Pharmaceutical industry: Various syrups, Proprietary Chinese medicine, Biological products, Ointments, Oral liquid, etc.

Cosmetics industry: Face cream, Moisturizer, Liquid detergent;

Food industry: Seasoning sauces, Formulated milk powder, Whey powder, Soy milk, Fruit juice, etc.


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