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Horizontal bead mill

PHN SuperMaxZeta® Horizontal Nano Bead Mill

PHN SuperMaxZeta® Horizontal Nano Bead Mill

PHN SuperMaxZeta® Horizontal Nano Bead Mill -Innovation in nano wet grinding technology

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Product Detail

PHN SuperMaxZeta® Horizontal Nano Bead Mill machine- With the development of PHN, we designed a variety of available components and chamber material combinations that are suitable for almost all applications of wet grinding and dispersion. The multi-channel grinding system PHN has a larger diameter agitator design which ensures that the impact force of the grinding medium and the linear speed of the rotor can be effectively increased at lower rotational speeds, making the movement of the grinding medium more powerful, and at the same time, the effect of gentle dispersion can be achieved without damaging the particle morphology, so that the equipment has the best performance and production efficiency.

We paid special attention in achieving the highest heat exchange effect, so the temperature is also controllable when the input energy is higher, which means higher output and more stable quality than similar grinding machines.

High efficiency separation system OCS 
PHN SuperMaxZeta® Horizontal Nano Bead Mill - enables the safe separation of grinding beads even at very high flow rates. Through the use of the highly efficient separation system OCS (Open Canister Separation System), the extremely large size of the cylindrical centrifugal separator screen, the flow resistance (i.e, pressure drop) is the smallest. 
The rotor rotates along with the main shaft and due to hollow structure and angular openings when it rotates, it creates a centrifugal force pulling all the beads out and away from OCS. There are almost no grinding beads / media inside the separation region, ensuring higher flow of product and avoids wear of separation system.

Its field of application starts where the other agitator disk bead mill’s system ends. PHN mill is the horizontal agitator peg mill for highest grinding intensity input and highest product throughput rates. The highly efficient centrifugal separation system enables the use of smallest grinding media from a diameter of 0.1 mm - 3mm in reliable continuous operation.

Humanized Operation and Considerate Design:
1. Adjustable drive : tensioning and lifting, easy for maintenance
2. System Protection : Alarm of feed pressure, output temperature, mechanical seal liquid level, etc
3. Anti-freezing device : provide security for equipment in low-temperature areas
4. Product inlet : with filtration device to prevent impurities in the material from blocking
5. External chilled water through coil cooling, avoid cooling water leakage in the machine seal, or paste pollution
6. Mechanical shaft : 5 years maintenance free, guarantee of stable operation of mechanical seal


Model [L]
2 6 10 25 60 90 150 300 400 500

Productivity enlarged 

proportion factor

0.2 0.6 1 2 4 6 8 10 11 16
Volume [L]
4 10 18 55 120 169 293 488 615 1106
Effective Volume [L]
2.3 6 12 25 60 96 150 300 400 500
Motor Power [KW] * 7.5~11 15~18.5 18.5~22 37~45 75~90 90~132 132~160 250~315 355~415 500~630
Rotation Speed [rpm]
500~2800 350~1500 350~1500 350~1500 350~1450 350~1450 250~900 250~900 250~900 250~900

Diameter of 

grinding medium 


0.2~1.2 0.2~1.2 0.2~1.2 0.2~1.4 0.2~1.4 0.2~1.6 0.2~1.6 0.2~1.6 0.2~1.6 0.2~1.6

Filling rate of 

grinding medium 


* 70~89% 70~89% 70~89% 70~89% 70~89% 70~89% 70~89% 70~90% 70~90% 70~90%

Batch of 

processing [L]

10~100 20~150 80~1000 200~2000 500~3000 800~3500 3000~8000 5000~15000 5000~18000 6000~20000
Rate of flow [L/h] * 200~600 200~1000 200~1800 300~2500 800~3500 800~4500 800~6500 2000~10000 2000~14000 4000~18000

Peg material of 

MDC grinding system


Material of 

inner chamber

Measurement [mm] Length 1160 1200 1250 1600 2616 3000 3945 4173 3044 7553
Width 1160 1050 1065 950 1100 1770 2068 1345 1984 2170
Height 1260 1650 1950 1550 2255 2255 2320 2470 2662 2347
Weight [kg]
≈400kg ≈1100kg ≈1302kg ≈1400kg ≈3000kg ≈5000kg ≈6890kg ≈8580kg ≈9000kg ≈19250kg
o Optional    - Unavailable   * Depend on the viscosity, separation model and pump size 

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