• Intelligent manufacturing, for a shared future
    Intelligent manufacturing, for a shared future
    • Sep 7 ,2020

    Intelligent manufacturing, for a shared future The heat of August continues in September. PUHLER people is still constantly exploring and pursuing in the field of intelligent manufacturing equipment and studying seriously. Everything we do is just like the seeds we scattered, under the nourishment of years, in their respective fields slowly take root, sprout, bloom, and finally bear their own fruit! The 2020 CCEME has come to a successful conclusion, the future of Jinling is expected On August 22, the 2020 China Changsha Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Expo officially concluded. This exhibition still maintains the characteristics of large scale, high level, and professionalism, attracting many domestic and foreign manufacturers to participate in the exhibition. The beautiful booth and machine attracted the attention of many visitors Customers and dealers Many new and old customers and friends come for visiting. Mr. Chen from the distributor Changsha Yongchao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. said that to choose a partner for cooperation,  the most impartant is to choose a brand that focuses on the industry. Jinling Machine Tool was founded in 1956 as a designated lathe manufacturer of the Machinery Ministry and a state-owned medium-sized enterprise, it is now a national high-tech enterprise and one of the first batch of hundred innovative enterprises. It has excellent products with good functions and good reputation, and strong team innovation capabilities. Jinling people have been focusing on machine tools field. Mr. Chen is full of confidence in the Jinling machine tool brand and team distributed, and believes that the machine tool industry will usher in new opportunities for development. Show the new power of the brand Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is closely focus on construction machinery, 5G industry chain, rail transit and automobile industry to build a private joint-stock enterprise dominated by high-end CNC machine tools, grinding and polishing machines and R&D of overall production line automation system and solution. In this exhibition, Jinling brought you the fine CNC machine tools and new 3D grinding and polishing machines crafted by Jinling people, showing the hard work of Jinling. With the rapid development and transformation of China's manufacturing industry, in order to better help customers solve the diversity of parts processing technology, Jinling continues to promote the product upgrading and product structure optimization. New brand ‘MAXXMILL’ of Jinling First show of JL-P1140 3D Curved Surface Grinding Machine At the exhibition Jinling has brought a brand new polishing machine brand "MAXXMILL" jointly designed by China and Germany. From product design, application, process to overall output, the main selling point is the delivery of the production line's overall automation system and process solution, which meets the current market demand for finished product delivery. The JL-P1140 3D curved surface pol...

  • China Coatings Show 2020, booth W1155, PUHLER is waiting for you!
    China Coatings Show 2020, booth W1155, PUHLER is waiting for you!
    • Aug 30 ,2020

    China Coatings Show 2020, booth W1155, PUHLER® is waiting for you! China Coatings Show 2020 The world's largest finished coatings show. It is also the only green manufacturing theme exhibition in China that integrates the whole industrial chain such as  finished products, raw materials and equipment in the coating industry. At that time, the domestic and foreign coating industry leading enterprises will gather together, this will be a major feast recognized by the coatings industry that integrates brand promotion, product display, information exchange, and business development. The booth location of PUHLER® Group Professional dispersing and grinding Water-based color paste, dye, coating and ink... Grinding is simpler than ever Standing right here, participate in various color interweaving Feel the new experience of green environmental protection Hall W1, Shanghai New International Expo Center Booth W1155 - PUHLER PUHLER® Group is a technological enterprise. With innovative products and excellent service. To provide integrated solutions of stirring, mixing, dispersing and grinding to customers in many industries and fields around the world. With many years of technical experience in coating preparation. In China Coatings Show 2020, we will bring various innovative equipment display, Stay tuned! Exhibition Reservation Registration Audience pre-registration (Three ways) 01 Scan QR code to register personal information 02 Get the pre-registration QR code (It is recommended to save the screenshot first for quickly code scanning) 03 Apply for the Health Green Code Notes: 1. You are required to bring your ID card, the Health Green Code, and the pre-registration QR code to enter the venue. 2. Please wear a mask and keep a proper distance when visiting. September 2nd - 4th China Coatings Show 2020 Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall W1, Booth W1155 We look forward to seeing you! By PUHLER®

  • PL-XF200 Vacuum vertical powder suction and dispersion tank
    PL-XF200 Vacuum vertical powder suction and dispersion tank
    • Aug 24 ,2020

    [Star of the week] PL-XF200 Vacuum Vertical Powder Suction and Dispersion Tank Effective volume: 200L, powder absorption: 0-30Kg/min Working principle The dispersion tank containing solvent is connected to the vacuum pump, made the tank to reach negative pressure environment, the powder is sucked in through the vacuum. The powder enter the high-speed rotating stator and rotor through the powder inlet pipe, under the action of shearing, powder and solvent wet completely, and evenly dispersed in the liquid. The prepared slurry is discharging from the oulet, quickly complete feeding, wetting, dispersing, and mixing process. Feature ● High efficiency of powder absorption, dispersion and mixing: The equipment has a stable vacuum and higher material absorption efficiency. At the same time, in a vacuum environment, no dust will be generated, and air will be prevented from entering during mixing, to ensure that the dispersive mixing form a uniform and stable slurry. ● Multi-impeller design: Several impellers are designed for powder and liquid feed in vacuum environment. The effect of powder absorption and discharge is better. ● Material optional: Powder feeding pipe can choose steel wire hose or SUS304; ● Strong adaptability: Flexible installation, small floor space, wide application, and can be used for old equipment renovation, with low renovation cost. Range of application Chemical industry: Battery materials, Resin emulsion, Dyes, Coatings, Carbon black dispersion; Pharmaceutical industry: Various syrups, Proprietary Chinese medicine, Biological products, Ointments, Oral liquid, etc. Cosmetics industry: Face cream, Moisturizer, Liquid detergent; Food industry: Seasoning sauces, Formulated milk powder, Whey powder, Soy milk, Fruit juice, etc. By PUHLER

  • PUHLER, never stops on the road of exploration
    PUHLER, never stops on the road of exploration
    • Aug 15 ,2020

    PUHLER®, never stops on the road of exploration Every footprint is our pride, Deliberately, just to meet you, In every venue that we are, Are the steps we move forward, Believing in PUHLER®'s efforts, It is worth your expectation! Aug 6-7th, 2020 Panyu ● Guangzhou The 4th National Alumina Powder Preparation and Application Technology Exchange Meeting The report experts of this meeting have confirmed some technical dark area that we usually don't notice, and pointed out the directions of some R&D and production for the industry enterprise. Such as nano alumina powder field in form of existence and its effect on alumina properties, the material structure design of zirconia toughened alumina, the application of alumina, the current boom in demand for spherical aluminum oxide in the electronic packaging market, etc., to make profound discussion and analysis for the participants. Aug 7-8th, 2020 Panyu ● Guangzhou 2020 Advanced Ceramics Innovation and Development Forum and New Product Exhibition The theme of this ceramic forum is focus on the hot application direction and technological development trend of advanced ceramic industry. The preparation of boron carbide ceramics and their applications in the field of bulletproof armor, the technical development application and market of piezoelectric ceramics and devices, the production and applications of silicon carbide ceramic heat exchanger components, the application of microwave dielectric ceramic in the field of 5G filter, advanced ceramic laser 3D printing technology and application, lightweight design of advanced ceramic components with the add material manufacture, etc. to interpret innovative applications of advanced ceramics comprehensively. Aug 7-8th, 2020 Jiangmen ● Guangdong 2020 Guangdong Coating Industry Development Conference In order to promote the development of Guangdong coating industry, and the in-depth development of the upstream and downstream of coating industry chain, the conference takes "Quality Industry, common development - Build a high-quality development community for the whole industry chain of coating" as the theme, with the keynote of "cohere and improving industry morale", to sort out the high-quality development context of Guangdong Coatings in the post-epidemic era from form and content. Guangdong paint industry is not only committed to the development of the coating industry, but also put more love into the public welfare undertakings. PUHLER® Group has always been concerned about the education of children in mountainous area, actively respond to the call of Association of Guangdong Coating, participate in public welfare activity, obtained the honor certificate that issued by mountainous area school. Face to the public welfare, PUHLER® Group has always been duty-bound, in the spirit of "create value, return to the society", go forward. In the past serious times of the epidemic, at the critical juncture when work resumption is imminen...

  • PUHLER Group 13 eventful years, brilliant because of you, happy birthday!
    PUHLER Group 13 eventful years, brilliant because of you, happy birthday!
    • Aug 8 ,2020

    PUHLER® Group 13 eventful years, brilliant because of you, happy birthday! The Tail of July has been sung softly The bright sun replaces the soft wind Set the stage for the heat to comeback Also quietly tell you It's the 30th of July In that shinny sun Enthusiasm is spreading in PUHLER® Group Because this day, is the helm of PUHLER® Group Mr.Lei Linmeng's birthday Behind the great birthday party There are many tedious and trivial preparations These are all the best wishes from every employee Cakes, flowers, delicacies, We share good time together Each birthday is witnessing your glorious journey Thank you for being our leader Lead us over mountains and years Meet the blue sky and the future PUHLER® Group 13 eventful years Brilliant because of you We wish you a very very happy birthday, Dennis, and we wish you a lot of good luck, and a lot of business in the future. Hope your business grow very well and hope your business grow very high! Group Member - Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Co., LTD Send birthday wishes Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd. inherits the core patent technology, brand, excellent talents and market resources of Changsha No.2 Machine Tool Plant (founded in 1956 as a designated lathe manufacturer of the Machinery Ministry and a state-owned medium-sized enterprise), and restructured and established in 2017. On Mr. Lei Limeng's' birthday, in Changsha, Hunan province, our family the Jinling carefully prepared a wish video, wishing him a happy birthday! India Office Send birthday wishes In July 2018, as an important practice of going abroad under the national 'One Belt, One Road' initiative, PUHLER® Group set up a joint venture LEIMIX India Pvt. Ltd. with LEIMIX GmbH, located in Nolambur, Chennai, India. Adil Rashid Khan sent a birthday wish from the India office PUHLER®, a loving family Looking back on the road we walked together PUHLER® Group, Under the guidance of the helmsman, In the spirit of craftsmanship, Through the wind and waves, go forward! Speech by Mr.Lei Limeng: First of all, thank you very much for your blessings. It is my greatest happiness and wishes to see you all happy. Today I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff, thank you, and share the happiness with you. It is also hoped that this party will deepen the communication and interaction between the two teams, and create an atmosphere of unity, gratitude and happiness. In the Spring Festival of 2020, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted the resumption plan of the entire group and the progress of new factory project acceptance. Faced with the negative impact of the outbreak, and the multiple pressure of market competition, everyone is not afraid of difficulties and bravely accepts challenges. While doing its own epidemic prevention, our team did not stop. Led by Mr. Tan, the team urgently organized the resumption of work, developing the mask production line and its supporting ultrasonic equipment. The Jinling team,...

  • PUHLER® Health at the Pharmaceutical Industry Summit Forum
    PUHLER® Health at the Pharmaceutical Industry Summit Forum
    • Aug 1 ,2020

    PUHLER® Health at the Pharmaceutical Industry Summit Forum With the development of medical reform and industrial upgrading, the preparation technology of pharmaceutical materials has attracted much attention.The pharmaceutical powder technology and related theories have been continuously introduced into various unit operations of pharmaceutical materials, providing new methods and approaches for the research of modern drug delivery system. 'The 2nd National Pharmaceutical Powder Preparation and Physical Property Characterization Technology Summit Forum' was grandly held in Wyndham Hotel hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on July 23rd, 2020. The conference gathered experts, scholars, technicians, and business representatives from related fields domestic and abroad to exchange together, focusing on the most cutting-edge theories and practices of powder engineering, learning and exchanging experience in the application of powder engineering in pharmaceutical. Strengthen pharmaceutical practitioners' understanding of powder science and help pharmaceutical companies explore the way forward. At the conference site, PUHLER® as a newcomer in the pharmaceutical industry, brought the demonstration of dispersing and grinding system, which was favored by many participants. As a 'newcomer', PUHLER® has brought new blood to the industry with the help of the Group's leading technological advantages, management advantages and resource advantages, as well as its own huge internal driving force and strong resource integration ability. As the 'old man', PUHLER® Group has more than ten years of industry experience in powder grinding and preparation. We provide excellent quality, stable performance, durable online mixing dispersing and intelligent nano grinding and other fine production equipments, and can provide a scientific and efficient production integration of customized solutions, trying to enhance user productivity and competitiveness of enterprise, help enterprise development take off. PUHLER® has a modern grinding and dispersing application experience center in Guangzhou, and has established a professional technical R&D team, from process upgrades to large-scale industrialized production, from single machine production to fully automatic and high compatibility online intelligent production line, we are always with high standard, high quality to match and meet customer's diversified, multi-level demand, create value pursuit beyond expectations for users. 01. Inline Disperser System TRL-H 02. Nano Ultrasonic High-speed Disperser LM Since the establishment, PUHLER® health department has been adhering to its original intention, shoulder the mission, committed to the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, medical and health industry upgrade planning and technical innovation services. At present, the 'Intelligent, Systematic, Standardized and Greening' development trend of intelligent health equipment industry is becoming increasingly cle...

  • Review of the conference that PUHLER® attended in July
    Review of the conference that PUHLER® attended in July
    • Jul 24 ,2020

    Review of the conference that PUHLER® attended in July In the tide of economic recovery in the post-epidemic era, the traditional manufacturing industry, as the main force, should face up to the impact of the epidemic and get ready for the economic recovery in the post-epidemic era. China's Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Xu once addressed the excessively high nationalist enthusiasm in the country during the epidemic and made an important speech, saying that Chinese manufacturing still belongs to the third echelon in the world. The first echelon is the US-led scientific and technological innovation center; The second echelon is high-end manufacturing, including the European Union and Japan. The third echelon is the middle and low-end manufacturing sectors, such as emerging countries, including China; The fourth echelon is resource-exporting countries, such as Opec, Africa and Latin America. It can be seen that China's manufacturing industry still needs to speed up its pace forward, to promote enterprise upgrading and transformation in this challenge and test. There is still a long way to go in the post-epidemic era, if we want to go fast and steadily, scientific and technological innovation is the life activity supporting our progress. Offline communication meeting is an excellent opportunity for our manufacturing industry to exchange skills, learn and make progress together. Only by abandoning closed-door policy and embracing innovation can we move forward steadily in the post-epidemic era. Hot July, with its brilliance and enthusiasm, come as scheduled. In these sunny days, PUHLER® met you with the innovative breakthrough of the Group! July 3, 2020 ● Jiangsu 2020 The 2nd 5G ceramic dielectric filter industry summit forum The conference mainly focused on the powder preparation, molding process, metallization, debugging and inspection, and automation of 5G ceramic dielectric filters, and discussed the future development of dielectric filters. July 7-8, 2020 ● Jiangsu 2nd Forum on Advanced Conductive Additives for Lithium-ion Batteries This conference discussed the variety, modification, development and application of conductive agents for high-energy density lithium-ion batteries, look forward to the R&D of new conductive agents and the development prospects of power-type lithium-ion batteries. July 9th - 10th, 2020 ● Shanghai The 21st China Coatings Summit & Expo 2020 Green Ink and Printing Technology Conference 2020 The conference focused on "Green first, Enjoy the future with wisdom" to carry out technological innovation, solutions, process improvement, and intelligent manufacturing in the paint and ink industry application and other discussions. July 9th - 11th, 2020 ● Shanghai 25th China Beauty Expo & Supply world As a high-tech enterprise positioned in the high-end intelligent equipment market, PUHLER® Health insists on the route of high starting point, high quality and high value-added prod...

  • PUHLER® Group Workshop Relocation
    PUHLER® Group Workshop Relocation
    • Jul 17 ,2020

    A letter from PUHLER® Group, please check! Dear customers and strategic partners: PUHLER® has always been positioned to provide users with process industry intelligent flexible factory solutions, high-end nano grinding intelligent equipment and machine tool R&D and manufacturing. Mainly for fine chemical industry; new energy sources & new materials; pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health; construction machinery and other industries, committed to creating the future intelligent factory integrating traditional industry with automation and "Internet of Things" technology for customers, and creatively proposing the production mode of 3F (Fast, Flexible,Future) flexible factory. Due to the Group's business development needs and the expansion of the company's scale, for better overall planning layout. From July 10, 2020, The bead mill workshop of PUHLER® which located at No. 1 Chuangyuan Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou will be relocated to the new changsha factory located at No. 9 huaxiang Road (Xingsha District), Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, Changsha City. The addresses of other departments (financial center, general management center, marketing center and technical center) will not changed. Three major optimization measures of PUHLER® Guangzhou Headquarters In order to better serve customers, the original dispersing & mixing laboratory, wet grinding laboratory and dry grinding laboratory, which jointly built by PUHLER® and Nansha Chinese Academy of Sciences, will be fully upgraded and put into use. For better promote the iterative update of products and further promote the transformation of various patent achievements, PUHLER® established a new product developing workshop, it will be imported to the new factory in Changsha for mass production after test run. Adhering to the spirit of craftsman to improve the user experience of products, to achieve "Experience is the king. Display, not explain". An exhibition hall of flexible production line system for nanometer grinding intelligent equipment of various new industries is newly added. Covering an area of nearly 1500 square meters, the exhibition center fully displays the application of "Industry 4.0" in the process industry and the advanced technologies in today's global industrial field. Thank you and your company's support and trust to PUHLER® over the years, all staffs of PUHLER® would like to express our sincerely thanks and high respect! We apologize for any inconvenience caused to your company due to the delay in delivery caused by the relocation and COVID-19 epidemic. We sincerely invite all new and old friends to visit PUHLER® headquarter in Guangzhou and our new factory in Changsha. We have been working hard to become a technology-based, friendly, service-oriented and intelligent manufacturing enterprise that "Make Customer Satisfied", and we are moving toward a higher goal. We will keep a good cooperative relationship with you...

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