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[New Arrival] - LEIMIX digital ultrasonic welding system

[New Arrival] - LEIMIX digital ultrasonic welding system

  • May 14,2020.

[New Arrival] A good companion of mask machine

- LEIMIX digital ultrasonic welding system

You can see some indentation everywhere on the mask, such as sealing edge, ear cord, how do they form?

This is an indispensable process application in the mask production process - ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is the use of high frequency vibration waves to transfer to the surface of two objects to be welded, under pressure, the surfaces of the two objects rub against each other to form the fusion between the molecular layers.

Welding demonstration

In the production of masks, we can intuitively understand the Fully plastic nose line welding, Weld after folding, Breathing valve welding, Multi-layer roll welding and Ear cord welding, which are actually completed by ultrasonic welding process.

Germany LEIMIX has many years of production experience and strong technical support in ultrasonic high-speed preparation industry. Under the global community, facing the outbreak of this epidemic, Germany LEIMIX saw the shortage supply of global masks, and the needed welding technology in the mask production, which must be strict controlled, so that can guarantee the production of masks better, thus to ensure the supply of masks.

Then, the Germany LEIMIX team put into the R & D and production of digital ultrasonic welding system, day and night.

Product & features

1. Environmental protection

  • No need of solvent, adhesive or other auxiliary materials, environmental protection and no pollution.
  • Easy operation and safe production

2. Intelligent

  • Automatic frequency search and auto tracking, without manual adjustment
  • Ultrasonic amplitude is steplessly adjustable from 0% -100%, to intelligently match different products
  • More than 300 welding records can be stored

3. Efficient

  • Replace manual welding
  • Improve efficiency
  • Costs reduced

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