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Horizontal bead mill

MORPH KDP® with Honor - A new generation of Nano Mill

MORPH KDP® with Honor - A new generation of Nano Mill

MORPH KDP® - A new generation of Nano Mill, innovation in wet grinding dynamic separation technology. It allows an extremely wide parameter range regarding power density, flow rate and bead sizes. In combination with the available material portfolio, the technology fits to almost any application in the wet grinding and dispersing industry.

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    MORPH KDP® w/ Honor
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Product Detail

MORPH KDP® - Innovation in wet grinding dynamic separation technology The highly efficient dynamic centrifugal separation system enables the use of smallest grinding media from a diameter of 0.1-1.8mm in reliable continuous operation. It is specially designed for wet grinding and dispersing processes especially “gentle dispersing” in the nanometer range. Working with the machines is a pleasure due to its easy operation.

MORPH KDP® with Honor - A new generation of Nano Mill. This new generation of nano mill is the sieve free centrifugal bead-material separation system. 

MORPH KDP® with Honor made a further R&D on the basis of MORPH KDP®, adopted special screw design of max flow with sieve free centrifugal bead - material separation system, it can use minimum 0.03mm grinding media, a new assemble type peg grinding system MDC (Multiple - zone Dynamic Classifier), was a classical combination of nano grinding technology and dynamic separation technology.


1. Adopted innovative technology of nano-scale dynamic separation, the dynamic separator is separated from the original grinding rotor structure, and the grinding rotor and dynamic separation system are driven and controlled by independent driving device.

2. Process production moves towards intelligent chemical process production, realizing the flexible design of production process.

3. The application of 0.03mm zirconium bead in bead mill is realized.

4. The unique dynamic separation design, effectively ensure long-term continuous and stable operation.

5. Grinding finer and more evenly.


Function   \    Model (L)
2 10 25 60 90 150 400
Productivity enlarged proportion factor
0.3 1 2 4 6 8 11
Motor Power [KW]
11-15. 22-30 37-45 75-90 132-160 132-160 132-160
Rotation Speed [rpm]
500-2800 350-1400 350-1400 250-900 250-900 250-900 250-900
o o o - - - o

MORPH KDP® with Honor 

o - o o o o o
H-hollow shaft drive power [KW]
3 5.5 7.5 18.5 25 30 37
H-hollow shaft drive speed [rpm]
2800 1400 1400 960 960 960 960
Diameter of grinding medium [um]
30-900 30-900 30-900 30-1000 30-1600 30-1600 30-1600
Filling rate of grinding medium (vol. %)
70-89% 70-89% 70-89% 70-89% 70-89% 70-89% 70-89%
Rate of flow [kg/h]
200-600 1000-3000 2000-6000 3000-10000 3000-13000 3000-18000 4000-36000
Rotor material of MDC grinding system ZrO2 o o o o o o o
Si3N4 o o o o - - -
PU o o o o o o o
WC o o o o o o o
Material of inner chamber SiC o o o o o o o
Alloy YG 8 - - - o o o o
                                         o Optional    - Unavailable

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