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Let's Coca-Cola!

Let's Coca-Cola!

  • May 1,2020.

Let's Coca-Cola!

The work may be a little tired, but we can be cola!

- Have some coke to cheer up -

Don't take life responsibilities and work pressure as a stone in your heart,

Don't take the childish play besides work as a luxury.

Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, all the tastes is life,

For us, the most important thing is, we are sweet and we have bubbles.

- Have fun -

Even though no longer as naive as a child,

Even had known that life is not easy,

The lost happiness still can be found again.

The meticulous that we spelled Lego in childhood, is the same as we spelled in Coke now.

- A little more sugar -

Labor is not just endless job,

It could be endless coke,

The unmovable sugar ingredients,

It is endless sweet.

Every hardworking colleague of PUHLER Group,

Worth having a sweet coke,

It may be a drink in your hand,

It may be a thank you from us,

To every colleagues, to every conscientious worker:

Happy International Workers Day

- Work for something, heart is for something -

PUHLER Group, engaged in the fight against the "epidemic" situation, worried about the shortage of masks, developed the automatic mask production line, semi-automatic mask production line, N95 mask production line, and was authorized by the German LEIMIX ultrasonic welding system, assist in the masks production, restore the normal supply of masks, and escort people's health.

Every efforts that the employees of PUHLER Group made, for the corona virus epidemic and for the people, will be our honour and our aspiration.

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