LEIMIX Mask Production Line

LEIMIX Mask Production Line

  • Feb 24,2020.

LEIMIX Plan Mask Auto Production Line

Product Usage and Description:

LEIMIX Plan Mask Auto Production Line is fully automatic for face mask production.
The main processes are including material rool feeding, folding and pressing, nasal bridge strip  feeding, mask forming, mask cutting, ear belt material feeding and sewing, finished product discharging etc. Complete to integrate the entire processes form the raw material to the finished mask. The mask produced is comfortable to wear, no oppressive feeling, good filtering effect, fit the face shape of the person,can be applied in medical, electronics, mining, construction and other industries.
LEIMIX Plan Mask Auto Production Line is carefully developed according to customer needs, and the produced masks have good performance. This equipment is more mature in the industry, and it is a fully automatic intelligent equipment, using 3~6 plies of mask materials (such as: cloth, non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter cotton cloth, etc). Cloth face mask body is produced by cutting and fusing processes. The products are embossed clearly, folded uniformly and punched accurately,  also they can be worn stable and looked very beautiful.

The whole equipment is fully automatic, one person can operate more machines.  Japanese PLC control system, can be adjusted appropriately to adapt the  production needs.

Plan Mask Auto Production Line


1. Fully automatic equipment: Japanese PLC system is used to control the whole system, each part is accurate  to be placed and assembled to ensure the whole line has high efficiency with good quality. One key to start the machine directly to avoid omplicated operations, the output can be adjusted according to production status.
2. Simply operation, the motor is used inverter to control the speed, simple, visual and automated.
3. Efficient production, the output is more than 80k pcs/Day (in 24H).
4. The Ultrasonic machine has overload protection function, which  greatly reduces the product rejection rate.
5. Use gear and chain wheel constant ratio transmission to make the machine running with coordination and stable, the optical sensor has detection and count function.

LEIMIX Plan Mask Auto Production Line

Flexible AI Visual Breathing Mask Production Line:Flexible AI Visual Breathing Mask Production Line

LEIMIX fully closed plan surgical mask intelligent production line.

Fully enclosed interior has been added the blue light function, avoids secondary pollution.

Fully closure strengthen the safety production SHE management, avoid the occurrence of industrial injuries.

Reasonable overall layout, the whole machine adopts the concept of modular flexible design, to avoid the production waste and equipment idling caused by drastic changes of the demand for masks in the future.

plan surgical mask intelligent production line

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