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Intelligent manufacturing, for a shared future

Intelligent manufacturing, for a shared future

  • Sep 7,2020.

Intelligent manufacturing, for a shared future

The heat of August continues in September. PUHLER people is still constantly exploring and pursuing in the field of intelligent manufacturing equipment and studying seriously. Everything we do is just like the seeds we scattered, under the nourishment of years, in their respective fields slowly take root, sprout, bloom, and finally bear their own fruit!

The 2020 CCEME has come to a successful conclusion, the future of Jinling is expected

On August 22, the 2020 China Changsha Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Expo officially concluded. This exhibition still maintains the characteristics of large scale, high level, and professionalism, attracting many domestic and foreign manufacturers to participate in the exhibition.

The beautiful booth and machine attracted the attention of many visitors

Customers and dealers

Many new and old customers and friends come for visiting. Mr. Chen from the distributor Changsha Yongchao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. said that to choose a partner for cooperation,  the most impartant is to choose a brand that focuses on the industry. Jinling Machine Tool was founded in 1956 as a designated lathe manufacturer of the Machinery Ministry and a state-owned medium-sized enterprise, it is now a national high-tech enterprise and one of the first batch of hundred innovative enterprises. It has excellent products with good functions and good reputation, and strong team innovation capabilities. Jinling people have been focusing on machine tools field. Mr. Chen is full of confidence in the Jinling machine tool brand and team distributed, and believes that the machine tool industry will usher in new opportunities for development.

Show the new power of the brand

Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is closely focus on construction machinery, 5G industry chain, rail transit and automobile industry to build a private joint-stock enterprise dominated by high-end CNC machine tools, grinding and polishing machines and R&D of overall production line automation system and solution.

In this exhibition, Jinling brought you the fine CNC machine tools and new 3D grinding and polishing machines crafted by Jinling people, showing the hard work of Jinling.

With the rapid development and transformation of China's manufacturing industry, in order to better help customers solve the diversity of parts processing technology, Jinling continues to promote the product upgrading and product structure optimization.

New brand ‘MAXXMILL’ of Jinling

First show of JL-P1140 3D Curved Surface Grinding Machine

JL-P1140 3D Curved Surface Grinding Machine

At the exhibition Jinling has brought a brand new polishing machine brand "MAXXMILL" jointly designed by China and Germany. From product design, application, process to overall output, the main selling point is the delivery of the production line's overall automation system and process solution, which meets the current market demand for finished product delivery.

The JL-P1140 3D curved surface polishing machine adopts 5-workpiece disc design, suitable for single face sweeping arc edge and straight side, and can quickly polish concave surfaces. It is suitable for one side polished on special-shaped surface of 2.5D, 3D glass, ceramics and other hard, brittle material.

New generation of intelligent hydraulic shift CNC lathe machine CKD6163

CNC lathe machine CKD6163

Jinling and the user Changsha Heijingang Company have combined technical transformation and process optimization to solve the problem of one-man-one-machine operation in the actual use of machine tools. The new generation of intelligent hydraulic shift CNC lathe machine CKD6163 has the characteristics of high vibration resistance, high thermal stability, high production efficiency, and high cost performance to meet the urgent needs of the current parts processing market for domestic machine tools.

Our team

Serve with sincerity. Greet with a smile

Jinling Precision manufacturing is based on meeting the needs of the times on the processing market, promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's traditional manufacturing industry, completing the full Jinling machine tool service system from product R&D, management and marketing and other aspects, helping enterprises get rid of the dilemma of high cost and low efficiency, and building their own core competitiveness.

On the road of intelligent manufacturing, Hunan Jinling Machine Tool Co., LTD., with the spirit of "Focus on artisan spirit, leading intelligent manufacturing.", continues to move forward.

From the careful preparation before the exhibition, to the exhibition period to serve every customer wholeheartedly, to show the continuous innovation and practice of Jinling machine tool in the field of intelligent manufacturing equipment.

"The 21st China Changsha Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Expo 2020" which has been delayed due to the epidemic has finally finished.

Here, Jinling sincerely say to the friends who came all the way from afar despite the dangers of the epidemic:

For 64 years, Jinling people are grateful to have you!

Let's go hand in hand, and create the future together!

China Coatings Show 2020We meet you on W1155

An update news about PUHLER

Under the theme of "Green Manufacturing for a shared future", the China Coatings Show 2020 aims to promote the green development of coatings industry and its upstream and downstream industries, thereby promoting technological innovation, service innovation and environmental protection innovation. Accurately feel the actual demand and trend change of the coating industry and the whole industrial chain, realize the integration of green industrialization and information technology, build a platform for upstream and downstream communication, display and cooperation of green coatings, and create new opportunities for the industry development.

Booth W1155, PUHLER Group is fully prepared

In this coatings feast,

Many new and old allies and friends from the industry came to the booth,

to have a time of "catch up".

Inadvertently, 2020 has passed half, in the past trials and hardships, the long-term efforts of PUHLER Group has got the official certification by the industry. In the show, PUHLER has received the honorary nameboard from the China Coatings Association, respectively won the title of [Advanced Collective of China's Coatings Industry in Fighting COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control] and [Excellent Equipment Display Enterprise of China's Coatings Industry].

PUHLER Group took the lead in organizing a mask production line project team, R&D plane mask production line, the N95 mask production line, as well as the ultrasonic welding system. To help face mask production, ease the pressure of the epidemic outbreak, integrate all resources to purchase protective articles, and caring donation to the Guangdong Coatings Industry Association, helped the industry resume work and production, and was awarded the title of "Special Caring Enterprise in Fighting the COVID-19 Epidemic". In the face of the epidemic, we will overcome the difficulties!

In this expo, PUHLER Group has brought the classic masterpieces, which using a patent separator system, super large filtration area, to meet the large flow multiple grinding requirements required for the production of various high-end topcoat.

Display equipment - PHN 25 Peg Grinding System of Nano Mill

PHN 25 Peg Grinding System of Nano Mill

Equipment highlights

The grinding bead channel ensures that the grinding bead is effectively accelerated along the precisely specified trajectory;

The combination of its unique grinding beads channel and the closed outer contour;

Comply with the explosion-proof directive(Exll 2G cb llB T3) installed in ATEX1 zone

Forced flow of cooling water in the outer jacket allows processing of temperature sensitive products;

All wetted product parts can be designed and manufactured according to GMP standards.


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