TRL series inline disperser

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TRL series inline disperser

InNovaZ TRL-B PLANT Intelligent dispersing and grinding working station

InNovaZ TRL-B PLANT Intelligent dispersing and grinding working station

Intelligent dispersing and grinding working station.

One step can realize products wetting and grinding in one station

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Product Detail

Principle of equipment

InNovaZ TRL-B PLANT Intelligent dispersing and grinding working station is the automatic powder wetting and grinding system which is developed independently by LEIMIX This working station can maintain dynamic balance of powder and liquid during the mixing process, complete wetting materials in large amount continuously as well as grinding slurry, having excellent batch stability and higher output efficiency. Handling large-size mixing, emulsifying and grinding steps in one machine. Some traditional equipment and disposing steps are completely eliminated. As for clean and loss-less absorbing powder process, even though it's hard to be wet, with dust it is easily cleaned, the raw material can absorb directly from cylinder silo (middle buffer), container bag, hopper, ton bag, barrel, etc. The advantage of multi-functional TRL-B system is that it is assembled and set up with modular components, it's main shaft/mixing head and grinding rotor can be simply changed.



As for dispersing system for complicated condition, stirring system, emulsifying system, heating system, weighing system, vacuum pressure system, temperature and pressure sensing system, online test system can be used to research and produce Nano slurry, carbon tube, inkjet ink, grease, chemical synthesis reaction, and high-viscosity material mixing. The laboratory and production type are for your choice and modular customization is provided as well. System integration and combination working station is adopted. According to different application requirements, choose SUS304 or 316L stainless steel, zirconia ceramics for manufacturing. The whole equipment system is relatively closed, clean, safe and easy for operating.


A. Powder and liquid mixing system

Inline disperser makes use of the working principle of high shear force rotor-stator. Narrow clearance between rotor and stator, and high liner velocity of external ring drives rotor and produces strong shear gradient and vacuum negative suction force. Product in rotor gears is forced into shearing area through grooves, and enters grinding system under the centrifugal force of stator groove.


B. Grinding system

A Nano grinding mill with full-size and high efficient is the necessary part of this system, assuring high working efficiency, safety and reliability. Rotor with large radius produces vacuum self-absorption system with large absorbing ability, providing transmission force for the whole working station and providing power transfer solid and liquid slurry. The machine is the most economical choice for grinding large amount of materials, and its investment and cost of grinding medium are relatively low compared with other grinding equipment. Completely change traditional grinding concept and technology, and grinding structure is changed and overthrew in basis.


C. Emulsifying system

Mainly consists of jet flow dispersion rotor and axe high-shear rotor, jet flow dispersion rotor efficiently, rapidly and uniformly makes use of powerful kinetic energy brought by high shear peripheral speed and high-frequency mechanical effect caused by high-speed rotor to lead to integrative actions such as strong mechanical and liquid shearing, centrifugal squeezing, friction of liquid layer, collision and turbulence in the narrow clearance between rotor and stator. So that the insolublesolid phase, liquid phase, gas phase under the joint action of the corresponding mature process and proper amount of additives are dispersed and emulsified subtly at once, following a circle process in high frequency, and then axe high-shear rotor at high-speed absorbs material at the bottom of the kettle in dual way. The working area of the stator bears strong mechanical movement and hydraulic shear in a very narrow gap, so that the material is cut, sheared, and broken, and meanwhile being mixed with materials in the middle and high layers, and finally the stable and high-quality product is achieved.


Powder and liquid mixing system Grinding system Emulsifying system
Flow rate



Lift Material of rotor Main motor



Material of rotor Grinding motor



Material of cylinder

Motor at tank

 top & bottom

0-20T 0-1Pa 10m Dual-phase steel



2.8L Zirconium Oxide



300L 304 Stainless steel 2.2/3KW 

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