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Here comes the Flexible AI Visual Breathing Mask Production Line!

Here comes the Flexible AI Visual Breathing Mask Production Line!

  • Feb 28,2020.

Here comes the Flexible AI Visual Breathing Mask Production Line!

Founded in 2007, PUHLER is a well-known Bead Mill manufacturer, which has been committed to becoming a system integration + intelligent manufacturing + industrial Internet trinity intelligent grinding equipment integrated service provider. With innovative products and quality services, we provide customers of many industries around the world in integrated solutions for stirring, mixing, dispersing and nano-grinding.

In order to fight the new outbreak, ensure the supply of materials for epidemic prevention, PUHLER speeds up scientific and technological breakthroughs, and joins the R&D and manufacturing team of mask equipment in China. Aiming for the automatic plan mask intelligent production line, and incorporating flexible AI vision technology, this is the first visual intelligent mask machine in China that uses AI (computer vision) for identification and operation.

automatic plan mask intelligent production line

Unity is strength, develope and debug the machine together.

Fast transformation - 5 day and night

After the epidemic outbreak, PUHLER joined the fight against "COVID-19". In response to the "war of fighting epidemic", the company crossover to support the production of mask machine. After 5 day and night of R&D, the fully closed plane mask intelligent production line was developed. On Feb 16th, the one-on-two production line was in assembling, with the capacity of about 4,000 masks per hour. This intelligent production line consists of a main machine (mask forming machine) and two ear belt welding machines (outer ear belt) , connected by a two-point transmission line. The equipment has a high degree of automation, only one operator is needed. Help the semi-automatic mask factory with low productivity to transform, improve the enterprise competitiveness, promote the masks production speed. Next, the N95 mask smart production line is put into production.

plane mask intelligent production line

Easy to change the production line -- Adopts the concept of modular flexible design

The Flexible AI Vision Breathing Mask Production Line has excellent performance, make the whole mask production process set "process inspection, PLC control, intelligent positioning, induction identify, and network communication capabilities integration application" into an organic whole. Imported from Japan SMC cylinder accessories, make the machine more stable and durable, also equipped with SMC solenoid valve, have characteristics as large displacement, durable, small volume, and fast response. Microcomputer control, English and Chinese interface easy to learn and use. Automatic synchronous welding ear belt, precise positioning, welding firm. Equipped with visual inspection equipment to ensure that each is qualified products. Another feature is, the whole machine adopts modular flexible design reference by the design concept of bead mill, which can avoid the production waste and equipment idling caused by drastic changes in the demand for masks in the future. After the epidemic has passed, this equipment can be used as mounter, feeder, coater, etc., and can also be used in the production line of many 3C electronic consumer products, such as the quality inspection of various coil casings, flexible display screens, flexible circuit boards, etc.

Flexible AI Vision Breathing Mask Production Line

High quality production -- A single production of more than 160,000 pieces

After the epidemic outbreak, masks have become a scarce epidemic prevention product. As the first flexible AI vision smart mask machine in China, it will greatly improve the production efficiency of masks, with a daily production of over 160,000 pcs (130pcs/min*60min*23h), compared with the traditional mask production line, the Flexible AI Visual Breathing Mask Production Line is more intensive,more stable, covers less area, can meet the demand of long time running, implement the powerful plane masks production capacity, after put into use, will greatly alleviate the shortage of shortage of masks during epidemic situation. "Since February 10, orders have been received for nearly 100 sets."

Wuhan, China, we are together!

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