DHM Dry Grinding System

Dry grinding

DHM Dry Grinding System

DHM Dry Grinding System Bead Mill

DHM Dry Grinding System Bead Mill

DHM Dry Grinding System

Dry grindng solutions for minerals & mining

DHM Dry Grinding System Bead Mill is suitable for kinds of dry powder fine milling and classifying process which is with innovative integration equipment of dry grinding and classifying. High efficient Eco-friendly and Low consumption that guarantee the perfect performance of grinding micron to sub-micron fine powder.

DHM is the latest technology in Mills using Grinding Media for comminution.

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Product Detail

PUHLER joint with ltaly L officina SRL for dry grinding field -- 

In 2015,PUHLER cooperate with Italy L’officina SRL developed DHM dry grinding bead mill and acquired european union invention patent which subvert the traditional jet mill and mechanical mill.
L’officina SRL occupies mature dry grinding technology. At the meantime, DHM series dry grinding bead mill has a big advantages of operation.

DHM Dry Grinding System Bead Mill is an impact grinding system with integrated classifier and therefore ideal for products with steep particle size distributions. The multipurpose mill can be used for soft and medium hard minerals where wear resistant materials can be chosen.This innovative air DHM Grinding mill is capable of fine grinding all kinds of dry products with virtually no contamination.Through this specialized dry grinding machine concept, product grinding is entirely autogenous. ball alone create the grinding energy. No tool wear occurs!

DHM systems have been designed for dry milling hard materials, They are used for the continuous production of micronised powder. The production cycle is fully automated to offer a high production output and low energy consumption.

An integrated dynamic classifier in the housing can be infinitely adjusted to the desired fineness. This guarantees exact adjustment of the grinding parameters and reproducible product quality.

Even the hardest of products poses no problem for this machine. In addition, extremely temperature sensitive products such as wax can be processed under continuous operation.

The horizontal mill drum rotates with  x but optimum speed and moves/transmits the grinding energy to the balls. The comminution takes place between the grinding media by compression, friction and impact. The air ow allows a continuous process and a uni- form product  ow through the drum. Product and air leave the mill drum and enter the external dynamic air classi er. The product  neness can be adjusted fast and easily by changing the classi er wheel speed.

Principle of equipment:

In the grinding and grading cycle system, the energy consumption of the grading portion increases as the fineness of the product increases. Therefore, for D97<1um products, the market demand for low energy classifiers will increase. The new generation of turbine air classifier TSD operates according to a new classification principle. This principle is based on the concept of solid bed flow (fluidized bed), replacing the traditional flow concept. This new concept makes it possible to significantly reduce pressure drop and grading energy consumption. The special blade geometry produces a uniform material flow and even a finer grade. For sub-micron applications, the advantages of the new generation of graders are obvious: low energy consumption, high quality, high throughput. Compared to the traditional standard grading wheel, the new generation TSD grading wheel can reduce the pressure drop by about 60%. In this special case, the new generation classifier can increase the output by 33% to 38% compared with the traditional method, and the quality is guaranteed. 

For ne grinding of industrial minerals
Final product: D97= 2μm to 500 μm
Feed material: up to 30 mm
Hardness: up to 9 Mohs

Horizontal drum ball mill
Continuous process
Improved product  flow
Simultaneous grinding and drying possible
Iron free grinding possible
mproved product  ow through the mill Design for high air ows
No product blockage at mill discharge
Direct drive possible up to 315 KW
Assembly on steel frame possible for drives up to 315 kW


Unit DHM25 DHM1000 DHM3000 DHM5000 DHM10000 DHM30000 DHM50000
Effective olume 0.025 1 3 5 10 30 50
Motor power KW 1.5 7.5-18.5 37-55 55-90 132-250 300-500 400-800
Diameter of grinding chamber mm 336 1100 1900 1800 2000 3400 3600
Length of grinding chamber mm 353 1200 1700 1800-2000 3000 3200-4500 3500-5500
Maximum grinding medium ton 0.025 1-1.2 3-3.5 5-6 10-12 28-35 48-55
Rotation Speed rpm 90 20-40 15-30 15-30 15-30 10-25 10-20

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