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Technical knowledge

The nanometer dispersible liquid (Ⅱ)

The nanometer dispersible liquid (Ⅱ)

  • April 3,2020.

The nanometer dispersible liquid

- promotes the exchange of ceramic ink-jet technology of traditional inorganic pigments


1 - The application status and development of nanometer powder in the market

It is an undeniable fact that the application range of nano-particles and their potential market are large. For many years, nano experts from all over the world have been developing new applications of nano powders. For example, some people hope to make traditional industrial products into nano level to improve the value and performance of products, like paint, plastic, resin, ceramic powder. Some people want to use the characteristics of nano materials to develop new consumer products, such as optical film, photocatalyst, health products, medicine and other products. You can say, nano technology is another revolution in industry!

However, although the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries have invested considerable resources in the development of nano-powder applications (such as Germany's Degussa company to develop nano-SiO2... ), but in 2003, the world's output value of nano-ceramic powder was only 150 million US dollars, far from the predicted value!

The reasons are as follows:

1.1 Gap of value chain

Nano powder is still unable to successfully applied to mass production stage, the main reason is the producer has not yet master the conversion conditions for making the traditional industrial products into nanoincluding the design of formula, the pretreatment of nano powder, the transformation condition of the nano powder, in particular, the phenomenon of reunion of the nano powders due to the action of the Van der Waals force. The nano powder could not be dispersed if only rely on the traditional dispersing technology.

Therefore, in order to succeed in the traditional industrial nano, the key technology to be understood is how to transform the nano powder properly so that it will still be nano particles after reaching the next interface, without agglomeration.

By now, it's not hard to understand why so many nanometer powders are still not being used successfully! The main reason is that most of the nanometer powders in the market have not been modified properly, so it cannot be directly applied to the development and manufacture of nanometer products successfully.

At present, at least 200 nanometer products have been developed on the market. Unfortunately, most of them, like inkjet, SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2, ZrO2, ATO, ITO... these powder has not been customized modified according to the needs of the quality, so that they can not be successfully applied.

At the same time, at least thousands of enterprises want to engage in the development of nano products, but most of them could not find suitable modified powders to use. So, how to do a proper modification of nano powder, and make it be successfully applied to the product end, will be the course that the nanotechnology people have to learn.

1.2 Nanometer powders need to be modified for different applications

Recently, there are several chemical companies and newly established nanometer general dispersing liquid company on the market, which claim to provide some common standard nanometer dispersing liquid. However, most of the nanometer dispersing liquid on the market has not been customized modified, so it cannot be directly applied to the development and application of the final nanometer products.

The reason is that when the nanometer dispersing liquid has not been properly modified when added to the final product, it often produces agglomeration due to interface incompatibility, so the nanometer effect cannot be shown.

For example, in some applications, nano-sized ZnO was coated on optical film. Since the ZnO powder was not modified at the interface, the anti-uv effect of optical film on ZnO powder was not increased, but the penetration rate decreased significantly.

In order to help customers to solve the above problems, Puhler worked with nano researchers of the German new material development center, synchronous adjust equipment and technology, research and develope of new models (see figure 1), to help customers to develop and customize the surface modification of required dispersant, provide a complete service, so that customers can get what they want!

 PHE SuperMaxFlow1200

Figure 1 PHE SuperMaxFlow 1200

(To be continued)

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