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The magical nano coating powder material

The magical nano coating powder material

  • August 13,2020.

The magical nano coating powder material

We often see this magical thing in our life: water dripping on the lotus leaf, will become a free rolling water droplets, and the water droplets can take away the dust on surface during the rolling.

This is because the leaf surface of the lotus is not as smooth as imagined, but is covered with a layer of hairs and tiny waxy particles. This fine surface structure and roughness can be from micron to nanometer. This makes the surface of the lotus leaf form a dense "hill", the "valley" between "hill" and "hill" is very narrow, therefore, the water droplets can not penetrate into the interior of the lotus leaf, then the lotus leaf had the hydrophobic performance. The droplets form a sphere under its own surface tension, by which the droplets absorb the dust during the rolling and then rolls out of the leaf surface.

This phenomenon has given scientists unlimited imagination and creativity, and many scholars are studying the fusion of nanotechnology and surface engineering. Today let's talkl about the nano coating powder materials.

What is nano coating powder material?

The coating powder material is coated on the surface of the matrix to achieve the functions of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and oxidation resistance.

As some products are manufactured more and more refined, and conditions are more and more stringent, the requirements for surface coating material are also higher. It is found that when the characteristic scale of materials is reduced to the nanoscale, the properties of materials are obviously different from those in the macroscopic world due to the small size effect, quantum effect, interface or surface effect.

This has led to the idea of scientists integrating nanotechnology with surface engineering. Nano coating materials are representative materials in the field of nanotechnology, or the ordered stacking structure of low dimensional nano materials, or the composite structure filled with low dimensional nano materials.

What is the magic of nano-coated powder materials?

UV shielding

Excessive sun exposure is the enemy of skin health, and can cause skin cancer in severe cases. Therefore, products aimed at preventing UV damage such as sunscreen products, coating, anti-ultraviolet ray fiber, plastic, thin film, are becoming more and more popular.

Nano TiO2, nano ZnO and nano SiO2 are all white, non-toxic and odorless inorganic oxide powders. They both have strong uv shielding (or absorption) ability, and can improve the anti-aging ability and weather resistance of the coating.

Thermal barrier coating

The "heart disease" problem of nano-aero-engine has been plaguing the Chinese aviation industry. In 2000,  the US Nano materials Corporation industrialized the first product - nano-aluminum-titanium powder coating material, and now this company's products are exclusively supplied to the US Navy. Thermal barrier coating technology is one of the key technologies in aviation propulsion plans of various countries in the world, and has huge application prospects.

Thermal barrier Coating (TBC) is a ceramic coating material used primarily on aircraft engines, turbines, and turbine blades to protect superalloy substrates from high-temperature oxidation and corrosion,  and plays a role in heat insulation, increase engine inlet temperature, and increase engine thrust-to-weight ratio. Nano TiO2, nano ZnO and nano SiO2 are all white, non-toxic and odorless inorganic oxide powders, have strong uv shielding (or absorption) ability, and can improve the anti-aging ability and weather resistance of the paint.


We should all be familiar with static electricity. If static electricity is released in the transportation of flammable and explosive chemicals and petroleum, its harm is unimaginable.

If conductive particles can be incorporated into the polymer materia to have a certain ability to conduct current and dissipate charge, then through grounding can eliminate the accumulation of charge caused by static electricity, so as to eliminate and prevent the harm caused by static electricity.

Antibacterial and deodorant

On the market, nano silver antibacterial socks have been very common. Due to its unique small size effect and large specific surface area, the silver ions released by the nano silver can easily enter into pathogens and quickly combine with oxygen metabolizing enzymes in bacteria, so that some of the enzyme as a necessary group to lose activity, pathogenic bacteria can not metabolism and death, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Similarly, by mixing nano antibacterial materials such as nano titanium oxide, nano zinc oxide, nano silver antibacterial materials into the coating, nano antibacterial coatings can be prepared.

Wave absorbing nanocomposite coatings

By using the surface effect of nanoparticles, nanocomposite coatings can be prepared to absorb electromagnetic waves at different frequencies. The military stealth coatings have been successfully prepared by nano carbonyl iron powder, Ni powder and ferrite powder, and applied to aircraft, warships, missiles, submarines and other weapons and equipment, so that the equipment has stealth performance.

Nano powders that can be used as radar wave absorbers include composite powders of nano metals (Fe, Co, Ni, etc.) and alloys, powders of nano oxides (Fe3O4, Fe2O3, ZnO, NiO2, TiO2, MoO2, etc.), nano graphite, nano silicon carbide and mixture powders.

In addition, nano - coated powder materials have many applications, such as automotive topcoat, automotive chassis paint and special paint. For example, the automotive chassis paint made of cube shape nano CaCO3 is wear-resistant and stone hit resistant.

This is the car surface which with super hydrophobic nano coating

Generally speaking, the application of nano-powder materials in coatings has broad prospects. The research and development of environmentally-adaptive coatings should be accelerated to give full play to the weather resistance, decoration, anti-pollution, anti-bacterial, anti-electromagnetic interference and other special functions of nano-powder materials, and make nano coatings industrialized as soon as possible.

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