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Technical knowledge

Nano Color Paste (Ⅳ)​

Nano Color Paste (Ⅳ)​

  • April 30,2020.

Nano Color Paste ()

-- PUHLER nano grinding technology exchange

Author: LiMeng Lei.

(Germany PUHLER Group, Puhler International Holding Group-PUHLER (Guangdong) Smart Nano Technology Co.,Ltd - General Manager)


3 - Construction of the new generation of nano grinding machine

From the previous chapter, large flow rate and small grinding beads have become indispensable rule for the efficient dispersing and grinding of nano powders. Therefore, the construction of the new generation of nano grinding mechine needs to meet the design principle of "large flow rate, small grinding bead".

Take FIG (9) as an example:

FIG (9) Nano-scale ultrafine bead mill

1) In principle, when the grinding chamber volume is smaller and the production capacity is higher, it is called a better grinding machine. Because it can reduce the residual amount of slurry to facilitate equipment cleaning.

2) The gap of the separation system (i.e. the dynamic large flow separator) can be adjusted according to the size of different grinding beads. It can be achieved without open the grinding chamber and remove the bead. At the same time, the larger the filter area, the greater the flow rate the grinding machine can use, more to meet the "large flow rate, small grinding bead" principle. As shown in FIG (10), the gap of the sieve should be 1/2 ~ 1/3 of the size of the grinding bead.

LEIMIX PHE 1000 Horizontal Bead Mill overall appearance, which is mainly used for sulfuric acid method of titanium dioxide, chemical fiber industry grinding.


FIG (10) LEIMIX PHE 1000 Horizontal Bead Mill

3) The grinding chamber shall be designed with a large area of cooling jacket layer, so as to take away the heat and control the temperature of the grinding slurry.

4) In the grinding chamber, all materials in contact with the slurry shall be selected appropriately, to avoid contamination problems. Such as metal ion precipitation and other problems...

4 - Source of existing equipment

Since nano powder grinding requires the use of small grinding bead, high speed, high energy density, etc. and also need to avoid pollution, generally European brand equipment is more suitable. Of course, if you already has domestic or Japanese equipment, you can use the existing equipment to do the coarse grinding process, and then use the European equipment to do the last stage of ultrafine nano grinding.

5 - Application examples and Precautions

1) Color paste / Color filter / TFT LCD

R, G, B, Y and BM have been successfully dispersed and grinded to nanometer, with transparency exceeding 90%, viscosity controlled at 5-15 CPS and moisture content below 1%.

2) Ink-jet Inks

Pigment type Inks -jet Inks have been successfully dispersed and grinded to nanometer, viscosity under 5 CPS.

3) CMP (chemical mechanical polish) slurry

The particle size of the liquid required for semiconductor chip had reached the nanometer level and can meet the requirement of no metal ion precipitation.

4) TiOPc (optical contact)

The coated optical conductor applied to the laser tabulator light drum has been grinded and dispersed to nanometer.

5) Nano powder grindingsuch as TiO2ZrO2Al2O3ZnOClayCaCo3…

Can dispersed and grind to 30nm.

6) Nano powder dispersing.

For example, disperse the nano-powder to the polymer, or add the nano-powder to the plastic and rubber.

7) Medicine to meet the requirements of the nano level and must be able to meet the requirements of the FDA.

8) Food additives meet the requirements of nano level. For example, β-carotene ..., must meet GMP requirements.

9) Electronic chemicals meet the requirements of the nano level, and need to be able to meet the requirement of no metal ion precipitation.

10) Others.

6 - Conclusions and Suggestions

"Large flow rate, small grinding bead" is the main rules of nano powder grinding. In order to meet the requirements of "Finer, Faster, Less pollution" nano powder grinding, you need to meet the following conditions:

1) Identify the characteristics of grinding materials.

2) Find the appropriate grinding machine according to the material characteristics.

3) With appropriate supporting equipments, such as Chiller, Air Compressor, Premix Machine and Movable Material Tank...etc.

4) Find the appropriate product additives.

5) Perfect communication with upstream and downstream, so as to adjust the best formula and grinding conditions, and improve the compatibility of nano powder.



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