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Nano bead mill can played as blocks

Nano bead mill can played as blocks

  • June 28,2020.

Nano bead mill can played as blocks

As a kind of ultrafine dispersing and nanometer grinding equipment for water and solvent materials, the peg type bead mill with stable production condition is favored by the majority of consumers. When comes to its design, people tend to think more about whether the flow is large enough or whether the cycle is faster, etc., basically whether the maintenance is easy or not is not the point.

Up to now, the technology of peg type nano bead mill has been very mature, it is difficult to innovate a lot on it. However, for an enterprise, innovation is the sustainable productivity. It can work hard in the uncultivated place where other people can't, and it is the demonstration of an enterprise's vitality and technical ability. iMo SMART®, is such a new peg type nano bead mill from PUHLER®.

The first thing the editor noticed about the iMo Smart® is its gorgeous shell. Regarding its outer shell, PUHLER® use anti-corrosion spraying, so that it can not only resist corrosion, effectively protect the equipment by material erosion, prevent material into the key parts of the equipment, but also make the equipment more beautiful. The shell can also move freely without affecting the operation of the device. In the bead mill industry, iMo Smart® should be the most beautiful superstar.

iMo Smart

Thanks to MORPH KDP® modular design concept, iMo Smart® is designed with high flexibility and operability, which gives it a great advantage over similar products in maintenance.

The modular design that has contributed to this advantage, is also a big hit in the manufacturing industry in recent years. It allows customers to form different products to meet their different needs through the selection and combination of modules. In this respect, even the most serious Germans use "block games" to describe the future of the automobile industry, which you can understand how much of this concept is in modern manufacturing.

As shown in the above figure, the structure of iMo Smart® can be divided into three parts, which are very convenient for installation and disassembly. It is also designed with two trolleys, the large trolley is convenient for disassembly, maintenance and cleaning of the grinding chamber. The small trolley can be lifted, and used for multiple purposes. This ergonomic design enables customers to complete such as change the grinding medium or collecting and moving the grinding beads during iMo Smart® maintenance work with two trolleys, without additional work to lift equipment, grinding tank and bottom, saving time and effort.

Meanwhile, iMo Smart® is also designed with an on-line zirconium bead adding device, which is fast and convenient for bead adding. The iMo Smart® is a good example of adopting the concept of modularity and applying it in the bead mill field. Different from other bead mills in terms of equipment maintenance, the design idea of iMo Smart® is more "unique": iMo Smart® does not achieve the purpose of easy maintenance by optimizing the equipment structure and making it easier to disassemble and assemble. Instead, it makes the main parts become "modules" that can be separated and "move" easily. The whole process is like playing blocks!

But as a bead mill, processing materials is its duty. Besides the above points, iMo Smart® also has the following features:
1. New type of pipe joint is adopted to make it more convenient for disassembly and assembly of cooling water pipes;

2. Adopt the new rotor structure which has been designed by fluid mechanics simulation and verified by practice, with higher energy efficiency, more uniform material and finer particle size;
3. The transmission shaft adopts the machine tool production standard, the equipment good operation stability, low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption loss, and long life;

4. Software design has three levels of management authority, which can be authorized according to different operation requirements. Software integrated formula management system, comprehensive management of product formula, process parameters, equipment operation data. The operation interface is simple and beautiful, which can monitor and display the running data of the equipment in real time.

The design was brand new from the first beginning, and the distinctive design also showed PUHLER®'s innovative strength. In addition to the metal casing, the controller and pipe fittings, the super-strong welding structure has a clear, dynamic curve design, so the machine has a very good load bearing function. Higher hardware configuration improves equipment performance. The latest rotor structure enables the equipment to reduce energy consumption while increasing grinding speed. Meanwhile, the latest cooling structure design can ensure that the temperature can still be within a reasonable range after improving efficiency. All these reflect our design concept from the perspective of users.

Generally, the new peg type nano bead mill iMo Smart® is a unique and practical new product.

Smart tech, make work easier!

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