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MORPH KDP® 60H was born, who can battle?

MORPH KDP® 60H was born, who can battle?

  • March 10,2020.

MORPH KDP® 60H was born, who can battle?

Nano Mill

Technical Parameters

Power : 75~90KW

Grinding Medium : 0.03~1.0mm

Effeciency : 3000~10000kg/h

Equipment introduction

South China University of Technology (SCUT) and PUHLER jointly established the "Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Nanometer Grinding Intelligent Device", which has carried the spirit of ingenuity throughout the whole process. No matter the rack design, rotor structure, or separation system, all combined with excellent material selection and technology. While paying attention to the quality and details, it also has the innovation. Strong and streamline, tall and straight posture, to meet the rising expectations, this is a brand new MORPH KDP, unique style the essence of innovation.

In contemporary society, the demand of customers is constantly increasing, and PUHLER constantly responds to the demand of the new energy & new materials industry. When it comes to quality and efficiency, the primary goal of PUHLER is to provide customers with systems that can improve quality and durability, thus ensuring the safety of your investment. In the past nearly 20 years of successful experience, our mature technology has revolutionized the design of separation system, adopt modern, humane, efficient and innovative mechanical design, to launch new separation technology: the fourth generation of "High efficiency centrifugal separation of nano bead mill system" (Invention patent No.: CN104959198B, CN204816705U) and the fifth generation of "Smart nano dynamic centrifugal rotating separation device" (Invention patent No.: CN105214790B). According to our customers' requirements, the particle fineness ranges from micron to sub-nanometer, with a constant narrow particle size distribution and higher productivity. The PUHLER use the advanced grinding systems and separating technologies, to provide customer integrated solution for the mining of minerals and the processing of naturally raw materials, and providing technologies of separate unit or combination for the customer's applications.

Modular separation system and separating technology

One small step for innovation, is a big step of the user production process innovation

PUHLER is a high technology company with traditional experience and innovation ability. In 2016, on the basis of original patent CN101757966B Large-flow Peg Grinding System of Nano Mill PHN SuperMaxZeta, a new dynamic centrifugal separation technology was successfully developed for the first time. MORPH KDP innovative large flow open dynamic separation system, can be used in the most difficult grinding material, eventually slurry fineness can reach below 20 nm. The new separation system completely rejects the structure of the existing sieve separator, and adopts the centrifugal settling principle of multiple dynamic separation design, so that a small amount of impurities and coarse particle materials can be completely separated without affecting the final quality of materials.

MORPH KDP® with Honor

Fifth generation of sieve free centrifugal bead-material separation system

MORPH KDP with Honor® is a further development in the separation system MORPH KDP®, using a revolutionary intelligent design language. It is the special spiral design large flow centrifugal bead-material separation system without sieve, HDS(Honor Dynamic Seperation System), can used minimum as 0.03mm grinding media, with brand new MDC(Multiple-zone Dynamic Classifier), it is designed specially for high power inputs for single and multi-pass operations. It is a classic combination of nanometer grinding technology and dynamic separation technology.

The separation device is driven separately by a hollow shaft. When the separation device rotates, it generates a strong centrifugal force to throw the abrasive medium (the zirconium bead) and the coarse-grained material to the outside, which can effectively prevent the zirconium bead from entering the separation channel from the opening. Under the action of pressure, the material with fine particles can overcome the centrifugal force to enter the separation channel from the separator opening. Due to the density difference, when the two-phase mixture to be separated tangentially enters the cyclone from the periphery of the cyclone device at a certain pressure, a strong three-dimensional elliptical strong rotary shear turbulent motion is generated. And due to the difference in particle size between coarse particles and fine particles, they are subject to different sizes of centrifugal force, centripetal buoyancy and fluid traction. Under the action of centrifugal sedimentation, most of the coarse particles are discharged through the bottom outlet of the cyclone, while most of the fine particles are discharged through the overflow pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of separation and classification. It is very reliable even with very fine grinding media. It solves the problems of bead-material separation and sieve blocking during the grinding of microbeads, more stable, and more efficient.

MORPH KDP® with Honor

Advantages of hollow shaft centrifugal discharge

From the mechanical point of view, the hollow shaft is more effective than the solid shaft in the use of materials, the slurry after grinding through the hollow shaft neck through centrifugal force and feed pump pressure overflow discharge, to avoid blockage. There is no material residue in the chamber. The end face of the chamber bottom contains a metal filter, which is convenient for cleaning, no residue, no accumilation. An auxiliary device is installed on the top of the chamber to add grinding medium and prevent the loss of grinding medium during adding.

Advantages of dynamic centrifugal classifier wheel

The grinding rotor has the dynamic centrifugal classifier wheel inside. It can separable super fine materials and grinding media, high efficient centrifugal classifier wheel can use minimum diameter of 0.02 mm to 0.9 mm continuous operation of the grinding media. The fineness range is set by adjusting the speed of the classifying wheel. The peripheral speed of the separation system ensures the smooth separation of bead and material, and the peripheral speed of the dispersion shaft can also be independent of the separation system to meet the needs of the grinding task, it has realized the adjustment process in two steps, through the role of the centrifugal separation, the fine-grained material is discharged from the grinding chamber, fewer grinding. The power is mainly used for the effective grinding of the remain large particles, fineness quickly meet the requirements, the final product particles uniform distribution, to achieve a true one-stop service grinding system.

In Guangzhou International Ceramics Exhibition, MORPH KDP 60H is favored by domestic and foreign customers


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