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Technical knowledge

Discussion on grinding process of thermal paper coating (Ⅰ)

Discussion on grinding process of thermal paper coating (Ⅰ)

  • May 7,2020.

Discussion on grinding process of thermal paper coating ()

Author: LiMeng, Lei

(Puhler International Holding Group-PUHLER (Guangdong) Smart Nano Technology Co.,Ltd - General Manager)

Abstract: nanotechnology is an important technology field in the science and technology development in this century. Nano technology will create another wave of technological innovation and industrial revolution. This article determines the operation index by analyzing the working principle and performance parameters of the horizontal bead mill. Mainly study the influence of grinding process optimization, grinding equipment improvement, medium filling rate, feed quantity and slurry viscosity on the operation index, product quality and output of horizontal grinding machine.

Key words: Dispersing Machine, Emulsifying Machine, Horizontal Bead Mill. Nano Mill. Specific Energy Input. Filling Rate. Slurry Viscosity. Feeding Rate.

1 - Thermal paper

The coating of thermal paper is composed of calcium carbonate, chromogenic agent, sensitizer, dye, lubricant, dispersant, antioxidant, defoaming agent, colorless dye and some oxides. The grinding method is different from different factories. Some powders are mixed together grinding, some have calcium carbonate, chromogenic agent, sensitizer, colorless dye grinding separately, and then mixed into a paint in a certain proportion.

Comparatively speaking, the grinding of thermal paper coating is more difficult. The feeding fineness of the particles (entering the Bead Mill) is different from the different method of pre-grinding (pre-cutting). For example, the feeding fineness of one factory is DMax≈300~450μm and D90<200μm. And different factories have different finished grinding fineness. Such as one factory is D50≤0.70μm, D90≤1.5μm, and another factory is D50≤0.35μm.

At present, there are two mainly types of grinding mill for thermal paper coating: disk type and peg type. Grinding type is single machine cycle or two machine series cycle (each machine is cycled separately, after grinding to a certain fineness in the front disk grinding machine cycle, the material then entered the peg grinding machine cycle grinding).

FIG (1) Diagram of Grinding Bead Mill working principle

(To be continued)

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