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Brief introduction of horizontal bead mill

Brief introduction of horizontal bead mill

  • July 30,2020.

Brief introduction of horizontal bead mill

Bead Mill is one of the key equipment for the preparation of fine materials. Bead mill is a wet superfine grinding equipment developed from ball mill, it is a grinding equipment with wide material adaptability and high efficiency, widely used in metallurgy, mining, non-metallic mineral materials, chemical industry, ceramics, new materials.

Bead mill can be mainly divided into vertical bead mill and horizontal bead mill. Here we made a breif introduction of horizontal bead mill.

Horizontal bead mill is composed of the frame, main shaft component, grinding device, cooling device, control system, auxiliary device, etc.

Horizontal bead mill is a continuously produced ultrafine granule grinding and dispersing machine with horizontal chamber. Its working principle is as follows:

The solid-liquid mixture material which is expected to undergo dispersing and wetting treatment is fed into the chamber from the upper feed pipe of the horizontal bead mill through a metering pump, the motor drives the disperser on the main shaft to rotate to generate kinetic energy, the material with the grinding media in the chamber are stirred by the high speed rotaing disperser, so that the solid particles of the material and grinding media have intense collision, friction, and shear, the material particles in the medium are deformed by force and generate a stress field. Plastic deformation or breakage occurs when the stress reaches the yield or fracture limit of the particle.

The particles that have not been ground are thrown to the chamber wall of the mill by centrifugal force, where the grinding medium density is the highest, so as to strengthen the crushing effect. The finished particles are separated from the grinding medium by the separator, and flow out from the discharge pipe.

Advantages of horizontal bead mill

1) Mechanical seals make it completely airtight. Eliminates the loss of solvent volatilization in production, reduces air pollution and ensures the quality of products.

2) Overcome the influence of gravity on grinding medium. Greatly improve the filling rate of the medium, so that the production efficiency and grinding effect more ideal.

3) Variety of materials is optional, to achieve the purpose of more wear-resisting.

4) The widest adaptability to materials. With high-performance cooling system and automatic control system, continuous material processing and continuous discharge can be realized, which greatly improves production efficiency.

The grinding medium is crushed by impact, extrusion, friction and shear action in the grinding chamber, but it is the shear force and extrusion pressure between the media that play the main role in crushing the material.

There is an effective crushing area between two grinding media with the same diameter of D, that is, the shaded area in the figure. The material particles with diameter of D can only be crushed in the effective crushing area formed by the two grinding media beads. Then, the size of the effective crushing area is:

PUHLER®'s horizontal bead mill can be divided into: Horizontal Disk Bead Mill, Horizontal Peg grinding system of Nano Mill, Horizontal high-performance Peg Grinding Bead Mill.

Horizontal Disk Bead Mill is characterized by advanced design, closed continuous production, double end mechanical seal, low energy consumption and low cost. It can meet the processing requirements of large output and high viscosity products, suitable for industrial continuous online production. It is widely used in coatings, dyes, inks, minerals, medicine and other industries.

Horizontal Peg Grinding System of Nano Mill is the essence of the current domestic and overseas models. With the advantages of high efficiency, strong working continuity, less pollution, automatic and reliable. The grinding chamber uses high wear-resisting material, the pressure-driven mechanical piston is used to change the volume of the grinding chamber, so as to adjust the quality of the product. It has excellent material selection, stable operation, widely used in coatings, dyes, inks, photosensitive materials, pesticides, paper and cosmetics industries.

Horizontal high-performance Peg Grinding Bead Mill is an annular cavity mill with centrifugal force separation device. The energy density is between nano mill and disk mill. With dynamic separation, high fineness of grinding, no material blocking,  and it has self-cleaning effect, can be used for grinding materials with high viscosity. It is the ideal production equipment for UV ink, automotive paint, carbon black and other high viscosity products.

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