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Technical knowledge

Application of peg type nano bead mill in lithium battery materials

Application of peg type nano bead mill in lithium battery materials

  • July 15,2020.

Application of peg type nano bead mill in lithium battery materials

In current battery industry, lithium titanate is more commonly used as cathode material, mainly composed of titanium dioxide and lithium carbonate, the fineness of these two materials on the market at present is D90 = 8-9 microns, which can not meet the performance requirements of cathode battery. The demand fineness is high, the ordinary bead mill or turbine sand machine can not meet the fineness requirement. with used of our peg type nano bead mill, lithium titanate can be grinded into D97 ≤150 nanometers, which is greatly improve the performance of the battery charge and discharge of battery manufacturers, shorten charging time and improve the charge and discharge capacity.

A complete lithium battery usually consists of anode and cathode, diaphragm, electrolyte, and packing material.

The anode (negative) materials of lithium battery include graphite, silicon carbon composite, carbon nanotubes and lithium carbonate. These materials need to be grinded into slurry to prepare the negative electrode coating.

The cathode (positive) materials of lithium batteries are manganese, cobalt, iron phosphate, li-cobalt oxide and Li-manganese oxide. At present, lithium iron phosphate (LFP) is more commonly used as the positive electrode of lithium batteries, which makes the battery safer, longer life and service life. Lithium iron phosphate materials usually also need to be ground.

Anode and cathode materials, which also call postive and negative electrode materials, as the basis of lithium batteries, are currently the most studied field in the market. Since the research on the battery positive materials is more difficult, so most manufacturers focus on the research of battery negative materials.

While our peers are still exploring the lithium industry, PUHLER® has taken the lead to provide customers with integrated solutions suitable for the lithium industry. We just provide customers for the most favorable competition power, seize the market opportunity! PUHLER® has achieved outstanding cases and technical experience in the fields of lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, carbon nanotubes, alumina and graphite.

The grinding production line of lithium iron phosphate project

Lithium titanate production line


*Brand new rotating shaft dynamic separator discharging mode, special spiral design;

*Adopt independent motor, independent mechanical seal, independent chilled water system, hollow shaft discharge, stronger centrifugal force, smoother discharge;

*The grinding medium has the best motion trajectory, greatly improve grinding efficiency, reducing energy consumption, stronger centrifugal force, fast and reliable separation of beads and liquid;

*Using grinding medium with the minimum particle size of 0.05mm-0.1mm, with constant flow rate, large flow discharging, no blocking and no bead leakage.
*A large number of submicron particles are used for dispersing and grinding, the optimal grinding chamber height-diameter ratio, and the height diameter is relatively small.

*All-ceramic structure, explosion-proof ceramic grinding chamber, no water leakage risk, zero pollution;

*Intelligent production line system, human-machine interface DCS control, suitable for building large intelligent production line.

Grinding is simpler than ever

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