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About vertical bead mill

About vertical bead mill

  • July 21,2020.

About vertical bead mill

Perhaps many people do not know about bead mill, what are the uses of bead mill? With the rapid development of industry, people's requirements for product fineness are constantly improved, and the size of grinding medium is becoming smaller and smaller. Bead mill is a common grinding equipment, mainly used for wet grinding of chemical liquid products.

The function of bead mill is to further grind and disperse the pre-dispersed slurry to achieve the specified fineness. Bead mill is divided into ordinary open type, vertical closed type, horizontal closed type and so on. Generally, architectural coating factories mostly use the ordinary open type, while solvent-based coatings factories uses closed bead mill.

Advantages of bead mill:

Low labor intensity, do not need to take care of too much during operation;

Convenient for continuous operation, the operating technology requirement is not as high as three rolller mills;

Maintenance is not as high as three roller mill;

High production efficiency, especially for pigments that are easy to dispersed.


It is not suitable for processing difficult-dispersing pigments, it is difficult to change colors, only suitable for low viscosity slurry.

Here comes the vertical bead mill

Vertical bead mill can be more efficient in the production of ultrafine powder grinding, so it is widely used in pigment, ink and other industries, it is an indispensable ultrafine grinding equipment.

The vertical bead mill is consists of a vertical beads cylinder, stirring shaft and paint slurry conveying system. There are 8~10 dispersing disks uniformly installed on the stirring shaft, which play the role of grading dispersion. The cylinder is generally loaded with an appropriate amount of glass beads and other dispersing mediums.

When the material is input cylinder from the bottom of the cylinder, and the stirring shaft drive the dispersing disc to move at a high speed, the mixture of paint slurry and dispersing medium will move upward while turning to the two dispersing discs for a high speed turbulence. The pigment particles are subjected to shear by high speed moving dispersing medium, due to the rotational speed of the dispersing discs is quite high, the centrifugal force generated can reach 100 times of gravity (that is, 100g. 'g' is the acceleration of gravity), therefore, the pigment particles are graded dispersing among the dispersing discs.

Characteristics of vertical bead mill:

1. The raw materials are pressed from the bottom to the top and discharged from the top. All the raw materials sent into the grinding cylinder are 100% completely ground, so a complete grinding effect can be achieved. And it is ground in the fully closed grinding cylinder, so there is no solvent volatilized air pollution problem, to ensure the physical and mental health of the operator.

2. Vertical bead mill is composed of machine body, main drive, disperser, feeding pump, CVT, cooling system, electrical controller, etc. Vertical integrated design, integrate grinding host, feeding pump and electrical control box, so that the vertical bead mill does not take up too much space, easy to operate. The grinding cylinder has cooling jacket designed, so that the cooling water can flow in and out, to cool down the temperature generated during the grinding operation of the bead mill.

3. The feeding pump of vertical bead mill adopts an internal tooth arc pump, which is suitable for a variety of viscosity. The pump motor uses stepless speed to control the flow of the pump, high production efficiency, and good dispersion.

4. Vertical bead mill adopts full explosion proof design, suitable for inflammable and explosive environment production, safe and efficient.

5. Vertical bead mill is easy to clean and change colors, easy to operate, stable operation, suitable for continuous grinding operations.

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