Technical information


Technical information

Bead Mill Operating Instructions

Bead Mill Operating Instructions

  • Nov 7,2019.

Operating Instructions of Bead Mill

*Start-up preparation:

Check the sealing liquid level (should be between the Maximum and Minimum limit of the sealing liquid container to avoid too high or too low).

Open the cooling water valve and adjust the pressure to 3-4bar, open the compressed air main valve and adjust the air storage tank pressure to 4-4.5bar.

Add the grinding medium. For the first operation, the filling amount of medium shall not exceed 80% of the grinding chamber volume or 85% of the installed power current

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*Grinding operation:

Start the pump to feed the material into the grinding chamber until the material flows out of the outlet (the pump motor or switch is interlocked with the main engine and must be started successively within 20 seconds; the pump motor can be started repeatedly to fill the grinding chamber with material to prevent dry grinding);

Start the main engine and adjust the pump speed to the appropriate speed according to the product fineness and temperature control.

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*Shutdown and cleaning:

After the fineness of the product meets the requirements, stop the main engine and stop the pump after no material flows out.

Clean with solvent or mixture (to prevent self-grinding or over-grinding between the grinding chamber and zirconium beads, clean for about 10 minutes).

The bead mill must use a separate air storage tank for air supply and pressure maintaining. For pneumatic diaphragm pump feed, it is recommended to use air dryer to filter air.

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After shutdown, 2.5-3bar pressure should be keep in the sealing liquid vessel for mechanical seal pressure maintaining, and the pressure setting on the sealing liquid vessel should be 1.5bar or above higher than the pressure setting on the pressure gauge on the grinding chamber. If temporary shutdown is needed, and the interval is long (continue grinding the other day), a small amount of solvent should be added to the body of the grinding chamber to dilute the product before shutdown,, so as to facilitate the next time easy to start the machine.


1) Daily check:

Check the liquid level on the sealing liquid vessel; Check the pressure of sealing liquid vessel; Check and clear the liquid in the sealing liquid collecting bottle (located in the machine base);

2) Weekly check:

Check whether the electrical control elements are working properly (electric contact thermometers, electric contact pressure gauges, pressure switches and gauges, emergency stop buttons, etc.).

3) Every three months:

Replace the sealing liquid (if use water as sealing liquid, replace every month). Injected the grease into the bearing.

Grease recommended:

Aral:Grease HL3 / Esso:Beacon 3 / Mobil:Mobilux 3 / SKF:Walzerol 4

4) Annually:

Check and adjust belt tension. Check current fluctuation value, adjust zirconium bead filling rate according to current fluctuation. Inspect switch. Inspect the switch function of electrical control cabinet.

*Fault and handling:

1) The host machine cannot start or stop automatically during operation:

Sealing liquid level switch break -- add sealing liquid; Air pressure switch break -- adjust air pressure;

Grinding chamber pressure gauge break - pressure relief, reduce pump speed, clean the slotted pipe separator of outlet;

Outlet thermometer break -- increase cooling water flow and decrease cooling water temperature;

hutdown of main engine thermal protection -- reset of thermal relay to adjust the load; V belt too loose - tighten belt;

The size of grinding medium is not suitable --replaced; Steering error of main motor and rotor -- wrong phase of motor cable connection;

2) Pump does not suck:

Pump motor steering error -- check and correct it; Air into the suction pipe - add solvent throught the funnel, to discharge the air;

Products in the pipe had been dry and hard -- clean the pipe and pump.

3) Host current is too high:

Excessive filling of grinding medium -- reduce filling amount; Product viscosity is too high -- increase low viscosity liquid.

The feed is too fine, the separator clearance is too small -- change to large size; Feed pump flow is too large - reduce pump speed.

4) High consumption of sealing liquid:

Pressure of sealing liquid vessel is too high -- adjust the pressure; Mechanical seal failure -- repair or replacement.

5) Maintenance treatment:

When the machine cannot run properly and needs to be repaired, please clean up all the impurities in the chamber, and then inform the after-sales service come to deal with them. If the impurities stay in the chamber for a long time, different chain damage will occur.

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Any further question, please contact us without hesitation.

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