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The success story of the PUHLER company was founded in Germany in 2013. At the beginning of the millennium, the production of conventional agitator ball mills began. PUHLER has now become one of the leading manufacturers. With production sites in China, we are strongly positioned. What we offer is our own production of ceramic materials, such as, for example, Agitator elements, machine components and grinding media. It is practically all made from one hand. The casting process is self-directed. All our agitator ball mills are made from a cast of ourselves. The design is variable and can be customized according to your requirements. The main production facility is located in Guangzhou / China. From there we serve customers from all over the world. The delivery of our machines is placed on the market by air or sea. If it is called ahoi Hamburg it means that we have a large storage capacity, which we deliver the stored machines and spare parts from here depending on the request of our customers in Germany and Europe. And we also registered LEIMIX as our another trading brand.

PUHLER Values and Vision

Create value for customers and create benefits for enterprise

Create wealth for employees and create prosperity for community

For us this means giving commercial viability top priority in all our business activities. At the same time, the safety and health of our workforce in all their efforts for us is another high priority in our company policy, as is environmental awareness in all our plans and actions. Not only production, but also in the R&D process we make every effort to minimize environmental impact and conserve natural resources.

Our Businesses

We have innovative products occupy a leading position in the global market.We develop original solutions for our clients.By pursuing and sharing our ideas and vision, make a positive contribution to the sustainable future across the globe.


makes real what matters. With innovations that improve life. For customers, for society and for each individual. This is Ingenuity for life

Made in heart of China

In addition to the consistently high-quality product quality,PUHLER offers comprehensive services to its customers. These services have evolved from decades of experience in the grinding and dispersing business and the requirement of a premium

Design for your profit

makes real what matters. With innovations that improve production process. For customers, for society and for each individual. This is design for profit


For more than 15 years, the name PUHLER has been synonymous with internationality and worldwide

positioned along the nano material application value chain – from nano grinding and dispersing equipment development to smart original solutions – as well as in the areas of advanced material research. As of Oct 1th, 2017,PUHLER had 10 agent from Europe , USA, to South-east Asia and China.

Research & Development

The company group consists of a group of Chinese & European top-level processors, who together are convinced by the principles of "Made in the Heart of China" and "Design to Cost". PUHLER is a respected competency partner for wet grinding and dispersing processes. We also offer you our know-how for our dry grinding technology, where we proudly offer one of the new DHM systems "since dry" on a high level. We were able to successfully complete the development and start production.


We operate in serval major production and manufacturing plants worldwide. In addition, we have office buildings, warehouses, research and development facilities or sales offices in country/region in the world.

PUHLER(Guangdong) Smart Nano Technology Co.,Ltd

The success story of the company was founded in Shanghai in 2001 at the beginning of the millennium, the production of conventional agitator ball mills began. PUHLER has now become one of the leading manufacturers. With production sites in China.

New Products

  • high speed disperser

    PSD High Speed Disperser Dissolver PSD practical and well dispersed! Powerful and innovative solutions. Column mixers for small to mid-size batches Plant mixers for line production ContiMixer for automated, continuous production

  • Peg grinding bead mill

    PHE SuperMaxFlow®+H Peg Grinding Bead Mill Continuous innovation, to bring you perfect products. Welcome to be Puhler customer, to experience brand new wet grinding technology Traditional and Classical Perfect Design, Perfect Product PHE SuperMaxFlow®+H patented grinding and dispersing technology SMF+ high efficiency centrifugal dynamic separation system

  • flat bed CNC lathe machine

    CKC/CKD 61103 series CNC lathe This series cnc turning machines are semi-circle controlled, with some advanced functions like threading tolerance compensation, variable frequency acceleration and so on. With this machine, not only the machining jobs which a horizontal lathe does can be done, but also auto position changing of turret and multi-step continuous machining can be realized. This machines are specially used for machining spare parts in bulk and in different type.

  • Automatic CNC lathe

    CNC Lathe machine CKC(D)6183 The CNC Lathe machine is suitable to process all kinds of small and middle-sized shaft and plate work piece,and could also turn various threads,circle arc,circular cone,inside and outside surface of revolved body.This machine is widely used in sanitary,valve,electrical appliance,instrument,automobile,motorcycle,bearings and so on.

  • nano bead mill

    PHN SuperMaxZeta® Horizontal Nano Bead Mill PHN SuperMaxZeta® Horizontal Nano Bead Mill -Innovation in nano wet grinding technology Starting from the "Core", More powerful One engineer, One set of grinding system, Customized your own bead mill High Capacity and Efficiency Choice of many leading enterprise

  • Bead mill

    iMo Smart® New Generation Agitator Bead Mill New Generation of Agitator Bead Mill Unique machinery manufacturing technology. Horizontal bead mill Uses smaller grinding beads and higher energy density to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

  • Inline disperser

    InNovaZ TRL-H Inline Disperser System InNovaZ TRL-H Inline Disperser System - A new concept of pressurized wetting and mild dispersing, the combination of vacuum dispersing and shearing with pressurized wetting can disperse and defoaming evenly.

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