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Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:LEIMIX
Model Number:KDP2,KDP10,KDP25,KDP60,KDP90,KDP150,KDP400,
Certification:CE,ISO14001,ISO9001,ISO45001,Intellectual Property Management System Certificate
Packaging Details:Wooden case
Delivery Time:30-45days
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C


MORPH KDP® The future begins today.

MORPH KDP ® (Khan Dynamic Plus Separation) innovative large flow open type dynamic centrifugal separation system can use 0.1-1.6mm grinding medium, which completely solves the problem of material blockage of ordinary wedge wire screen separator. At the same time, the worn grinding medium does not hinder the normal use of the equipment, and it is no longer bothered by blocking the separator; It has obtained national invention (CN102872936A, CN204816715U, ZL 2015 1 0372820.8).

The large flow open dynamic separation system ensures that the coarser particles are always recycled into the grinding layer for grinding, and the qualified materials can be discharged quickly through the separator. Thus, excessive grinding of qualified materials is avoided, grinding efficiency and quality are improved, grinding temperature is reduced, high-quality products with narrow fineness range are obtained, and grinding of nano materials is realized.


Model No.210256090150400
Proportional Coefficientof Capacity enlargement0.31246811
Power of main motor [KW]11~1522~2337~4575~90110~132132~160132~160
Speed of main motor [rpm]500~2800350~1400350~1400250~900250~900250~900250~900
PHN SuperMaxZeta
MORPH KDP Separation system
MORPH KDP H Separation system
H type Rotational Power5.57.518.5253037
H type Rotational Speed14001400960960960960
Applicable to thediameter of the grinding
medium [mm]
Filling rate of grindingmedium [vol.%]70~89%70~89%70~89%70~89%70~89%70~89%70~89%
Flow Speed
(Depend on materials, viscosity,rotor, pump power,~~~)

MDC grinding system

peg material

ZrO2 Rotor
Si3N4 Rotor
PU Rotor
WC Rotor

The Material of the

Inner tube of the

Grinding Chamber


Quick Detail

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MORPH KDP series grinding rotors operate synchronously with separators, and their operating parameters are basically customized, which is more suitable for the production of single type products. Therefore, the MORPH KDP series has very good cost performance advantages for production lines with very large product batches;

Competitive Advantage

A dynamic separator is realized to solve the problem that different specifications of grinding media can be applied;

Completely solved the material blockage problem of the ordinary wedge wire screen separator;

The worn grinding medium will not hinder the normal use of the equipment, and will not be bothered by blocking the separator;

Impurities from the product and a small amount of large particle materials can also be separated, settled and regularly discharged through the cyclone at the outlet;

The equipment is easy to clean, and there is no possibility of impurities blocking the separator;

Metal free grinding can be realized to ensure that materials are no longer contaminated by metal;

Only need to adjust the rotation speed and control the discharge fineness.


This MORPH KDP Nano Mill of dynamic separation separator has a flexible structure design and can be made of a variety of non-metallic materials. It realizes the metallization of the grinding process, and is especially suitable for the grinding of medical ceramics, lithium ion battery conductive paste and other special materials.

The MORPH KDP Nano Mill is professional in lithium battery, ceramics,Electronics industry.

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