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Horizontal Wet Grinding IMO Smart nano Mill

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:LEIMIX
Model Number:IMO30,37,45....
Certification:CE,ISO14001,ISO9001,ISO45001,Intellectual Property Management System Certificate
Packaging Details:Wooden case
Delivery Time:30-60days


IMO New generation dispersion grinder

Smaller grinding beads and higher energy density for maximum energy efficiency

iMo smart® offers a wide parameter range of energy density, flow rate and bead size. Due to high flow rate, a very narrow particle size distribution can be achieved with very little energy consumption. This contributes to improve color strength, clarity and gloss.Available rotor materials, the modular design of the rotor structure. The technology is suitable for almost all applications of wet grinding and dispersion.

From the very beginning it was a clearly new design, and the innovative strength of LEIMIX® is shown in the distinctive design. In addition to the metal housing, controller and tubing, the superb welded structure has a clear, dynamically curved design, so the machine has excellent load-bearing features. The higher hardware configuration enhances the performance of the machine; the latest rotor structure allows the machine to increase the grinding speed while reducing energy consumption. The latest cooling structure design ensures that the temperature remains in a reasonable range after the efficiency is increased. All of this shows our philosophy of designing from the user's point of view.

iMo smart® Modular grinding system

The advantage of such modular systems is able to bring cross-system standards. to convert one machine into a new grinding system more cost-efficiently. Lower cost conversion of one machine to a new grinding system.

The new LEIMIX® iMo smart® modular machine is designed to four different grinding systems, can be installed on the same drive platform: the advanced turbine and disc grinding system - NIZZOLI Plus, the new NIZZOLI peg system with the optimal grinding media OCS separation system, and the latest grinding system - NIZZOLI Pro.

iMo smart® grinding media collection vehicle

Ergonomic design was a primary consideration in the development of the machine, the design of the auxiliary trolley, simple and easy-to-understand human-machine interface. In addition,the high process reliability and traceability can be achieved by the highly automated LEIMIX® solution. Sample preparation and handling is changing our future. With LEIMIX® production facilities, any substance can be transformed into a new product.

During the maintenance and service phase, the grinding media needs to be followed up and the grinding beads need to be collected and moved. It is also sometimes necessary to move between different grinding systems and machines with each other. Using a flexible and versatile mobile cart as a tool greatly simplifies this task. The universal tray controls all grinding beads and prevents the loss of grinding media during maintenance. The grinding chamber and discharge end caps etc. can be easily removed and installed without additional lifting equipment.



Quick Detail

Automotive paint, electronic ceramics, photoelectric industry, nano color paste, nano functional coatings, biopharmaceuticals, cell crushing, chip polishing solution , magnetic materials, carbon nanotubes, color paste, dental filler, carotene, pesticide suspension, ceramic inkjet, inorganic pigment ceramic inkjet, lithium iron phosphate batteries, nano-scale special new materials, oxides, life sciences, food industry, cosmetics, graphene, ternary materials nickel cobalt manganese, electronic ceramics, titanium dioxide.

Competitive Advantage

Have branch company of Hunan Jinling Machine tools Co.,ltd, have more than 100sets of own process equipment, 80% of mill parts achieve self-supply,have price and quality control advantages.

iMo smart® Cart

For maintenance and service as well as changing the grinding media, grinding beads must be collected and moved. It is also sometimes necessary for different grinding systems to be moved from or to the machine. With the flexible, multifunctional iMo smart® Cart you have a tool that can be used for all of the different grinding systems to greatly simplify these tasks.

The integrated service tray holds the entire bead charge and prevents loss of grinding media during maintenance. The grinding tank and tank bottom can be removed without additional lifting equipment. Another advantage is that one service cart can be used for multiple machines.

Features of the Neos grinding system:

Maximum slotted pipe surface area

Optimized grinding media separation

Maximum cooling surface to grinding chamber volume ratio

New rotor design for efficient power input

Optimum grinding chamber cooling with SSiC inner tank and optional rotor cooling

Focus on Your Benefit

Nizzoli - Increase your Production Capacity!

The highest power input without overheating the product

Maximum volume throughput

The highest cooling efficiency

Use of extremely small grinding beads (0.1 to 0.8 mm)

Reproducible product quality

High degree of process reliability

Low operating costs

Conversion of existing machines to the latest technology

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