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PHE SuperMaxFlow® horizontal wet grinding easy mill Agitator Disk Bead Mill

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Puhler/LEIMIX
Certification:CE,ISO14001,ISO9001,ISO45001,Intellectual Property Management System Certificate
Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:Wooden case
Delivery Time:30-60days
Payment Terms:30% down payment by T/T, 70% balance before shipment by T/T.


The innovative disk + turbine grinding system of PHE SuperMaxFlow® has outstanding advantages on suspension liquid grinding. The technology enables the grinding medium not to accumulate when the output is increased. The overall optimized flow guiding spacer design achieves the optimal residence time distribution of the particles and the axial distance of the disk is optimal, forming a plurality of continuous grinding units, which flow through the material along the axial direction continuously. In each grinding unit, the number of effective collisions between the material particles and the grinding medium is also greatly increased, so that the operation of the grinding medium is more powerful, and the circular running track is more reasonable.


The outstanding advantage of the newly developed grinding system is the patented grinding disk, which can meet the processing requirements of products with large capacity and high viscosity, no matter in batch mode or cycle mode. It is especially recommended for painting, coating, ink and other products.

The PHE SuperMaxFlow® consists of a highly efficient reflective cage belt with multiple grinding discs and a dynamic classifying wheel grinding system. The reflective cage area is equipped with a separation device for grinding media and material, which can be used with zirconia grinding media of 0.3 mm and above. The device uses a graded rotor/slit cartridge separation system. This separator uses a newly developed slit grid structure that effectively prevents excessive concentration of the grinding media, makes flow resistance (i.e. pressure drop), prevents the build-up of grinding media, and the grinding media channel ensures efficient acceleration of the grinding beads along a precisely defined trajectory. During operation, the grinding media channels between the dispersion discs form two effective grinding circuits facing each other respectively, ensuring ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of materials in the sub-micron and micron range. By the improved discharge port set in the lower and middle part of the discharge valve orchid, the blockage of the separator in the grinding chamber and the cleaning trouble caused by material precipitation are avoided, so the separation screen is free from wear and tear and has good filtering effect, thus achieving good heat dissipation The product size distribution is narrow.






Quick Detail

1,Full range of specifications,ideal for batch grinding

2,Assembled Sic cylinder.

3,Maximum capacity of 6000L.

4, Mechanical seal gland with Zirconia

Competitive Advantage

1,small volume;

2,Energy saving and high efficiency;

3,easy to maintain and operate;

4,One-piece direct connection motor,without bear seat.

5,Segmented grinding rotor;

6,Large diameter for bead filling mouth

7,The new generation of Puhler sanders is built with the mechanism and technical requirements of machine tool mechanical spindles.

8,Improved mechanical seal gland with Zirconia.

9,Assembled Sic cylinder,easy to maintain and replace.


Grinding is an important process that the mineral must go through before the separation of the mineral to reach the monomer.

Automotive paint, electronic ceramics, photoelectric industry,color paste, functional coatings, biopharmaceuticals, cell crushing, chip polishing solution , magnetic materials, carbon tubes, color paste, dental filler, carotene, pesticide suspension, ceramic inkjet, inorganic pigment ceramic inkjet, lithium iron phosphate batteries, oxides, life sciences, food industry, cosmetics, graphene, ternary materials nickel cobalt manganese, electronic ceramics, titanium dioxide.

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