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MORPH KDP® 60h Honor·double-drive Nano Bead Mill

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:LEIMIX
Model Number:KDP 2H/10H/25H/60H/90H/150H/400H
Certification:CE,ISO14001,ISO9001,ISO45001,Intellectual Property Management System Certificate
Packaging Details:Wooden case
Delivery Time:30-60days


MORPH KDP® 60H applies many of the innovative patented technologies laid down by the MORPH KDP® 25 nanometer dynamic separator sand mill, the principle of which is to separate the dynamic separator from the original grinding rotor structure, through the independent drive device to achieve separate drive and control of the grinding rotor and dynamic separation system. It is a flexible design of the production process, i.e. the user can set the production process adjustment of different products by simply adjusting the operating parameters of the grinding rotor and dynamic separator, which is easy and fast to operate. In addition, the MORPH KDP® with Honor series also solves the problem of limiting the choice of grinding media for sand mills by using the patented dynamic separation system to achieve the application of 0.03mm zirconium beads in sand mills, thus laying the foundation for efficient nanoscale dispersion. Thus, the MORPH KDP® series nanoscale dynamic separation sand mill is not just a nanoscale sand mill, it is a truly universal mill. It is designed for wet grinding and dispersion processes, especially for "gentle dispersion" in the nano range, and represents a qualitative leap forward in nano grinding technology, effectively guaranteeing long and continuous operation and setting a new benchmark for the industry in providing more economical nano grinding technology.

MORPH KDP® with Honor is a further development of the separation system MORPH KDP® with a high-performance intelligent design language. Specifically, the specially designed high-flow centrifugal bead separation system HDS:(Honor Dynamic Seperation System, Patent No. CN.204996494U, CN.204953022U), which can use 0.03mm grinding media, is equipped with the new assembled pin bar grinding system MDC:(Multiple-zone Dynamic Classifier, Invention Patent No. CN.104226427A) is designed for single and multi-pass operation with high power input and is a classic combination of nano-grinding technology and dynamic separation technology.

As the separation unit is driven separately by a hollow drive shaft, the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the separation unit throws the grinding medium, i.e. zirconium beads and coarser particles of material, outwards, with the zirconium beads entering the separation channel through the opening. Due to the difference in density, when the two-phase mixture to be separated enters the cyclone tangentially from the periphery of the cyclone device with a certain pressure, a strong three-dimensional elliptical strong rotational shear turbulence motion is generated. Due to the size difference between coarse particles and fine particles, the size of their centrifugal force, centripetal buoyancy, fluid traction, etc. are different, subject to centrifugal sedimentation, most of the coarse particles by the cyclone bottom flow mouth discharge, while most of the fine particles by the overflow pipe discharge, separation and classification purposes. Even with the use of extremely fine grinding media also solves the problem of bead material separation and screen blocking when grinding micro beads, which can make the discharge more stable, smooth and efficient.

HDS drive power[kW]--4-7.54488018.5-2222-30
Shift DrivPower[kW]11/154575110220
Grinding Chamber Volume[l]2256090160
Troughput (circulation)[kg/h]40-200500-25001000-50001000-60002000-10000
Grinding Media Diameter[mm]0.03- 0.4
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Competitive Advantage

The material enters the grinding barrel through the feed pump, and the grinding beads are driven by the grinding rotor and the barrel nail to impact on the material, so as to achieve the effect of fine material grinding; analyzing the grinding principle, the smaller the grinding bead size can grind the smaller the material size; the specific gravity of the grinding beads is larger than the material, and the centrifugal force generated is also large, the grinding beads have been distributed in the grinding layer between the rotor and the grinding under the action of centrifugal force, and Under the action of centrifugal force, the grinding beads are distributed in the grinding layer between the rotor and the grinding, and do not enter the separator, while the large particles of material also return to the grinding layer under the action of centrifugal force to continue grinding; the DHS separator adopts a spiral structure, which produces a second centrifugal separation of the large particles of material and grinding beads after rotation, thus ensuring that the grinding beads do not leak inside the material; a small part of the grinding beads will be hidden inside the separator when the equipment is stopped, and most of the beads hidden inside the separator will return to the grinding layer after the separator is started. Under the action of centrifugal force back to the grinding layer, a small part of the cyclone to achieve the separation of beads and materials, so as to ensure that the discharged material does not carry beads.

Machine tool spindle rotation structure: the bearing housing adopts the machine tool spindle design principle, high precision transmission, radial runout of the shaft end is less than 0.02mm, low heat generation, low noise, long service life.

Double bar nail grinding structure: the new generation mechanism peg rotor, grinding barrel wall is also distributed bar nail, in the role of double bar nail, the slurry fully grind the chances of multiplying, grinding particle size distribution more narrow.

Spiral dynamic separator: Through the spiral separator rotation, it generates centrifugal force on beads and materials, thus separating the grinding beads from materials. The separator adopts spiral structure, which is different from the traditional metal screen that isolates the beads by the size of the gap, the width of the spiral dynamic separator outlet is 5-8mm which can avoid the risks of material blockage; by adjusting the rotational speed of the separator, it can be applied to different viscosity slurry and use different specifications of grinding beads.

Zero metal contamination in the grinding chamber: the grinding inner cylinder and rotor are made of ceramic structural parts, and the separator is made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant polymer engineering materials.


Automotive paint, electronic ceramics, photoelectric industry, nano color paste, nano functional coatings, biopharmaceuticals, cell crushing, chip polishing solution , magnetic materials, carbon nanotubes, color paste, dental filler, carotene, pesticide suspension, ceramic inkjet, inorganic pigment ceramic inkjet, lithium iron phosphate batteries, nano-scale special new materials, oxides, life sciences, food industry, cosmetics, graphene, ternary materials nickel cobalt manganese, electronic ceramics, titanium dioxide.

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