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PUHLER Professional Services for Guangdong Keytec Colors---Pigment Paste Production Line

Time : 2021-12-31 Hits : 39

In order to provide stable products to meet the growing needs of customers, Keytec Colors invested and built Yingde plant in Yingde Qingyuan Overseas Chinese Industrial Park at the end of 2013. The project uses a new production line with fully automatic central control, and is equipped with more than 60 new Puhler intelligent and efficient grinding equipment, auxiliary vacuum defoaming system, chilled water system, pure water system, air compression system, automatic feeding system. The full capacity of sewage treatment system and other facilities can reach 30000 tons annually, representing the leading level of the domestic color paste industry. The factory has been trial produced in July 2016, passed the completion acceptance of safety facilities in July 2017, and obtained the safety production license in August. It is the first color paste manufacturer with oil qualification in China. At present, large quantities of water-based products can reach 12 tons, and continuous production can be realized.


Puhler offer the whole factory customization project services and projects characteristics are as follows:

1. The production line is a typical vertical design with compact layout, which greatly reduces the material handling cost and improves the production efficiency.

2. The production automation is high, and the whole workshop only needs 2 operators;

3. The closed intelligent equipment production system conforms to the trinity HSE management system of health, safety and environment under the pressure of modern environmental protection. Times are changing and technology is changing,

Therefore, there is still much room for improvement in the design of production process and equipment upgrading.

The projects Puhler can undertake include: system engineering design, production line monitoring, intelligent control and automation, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, steel structure design, process design, energy conservation and emission reduction system, machinery and pressure vessel manufacturing, installation and commissioning of machines and equipment, installation and testing of instruments and control systems, grinding and decentralized systems.