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Puhler do Customization of the whole plant - realizing profit growth through customized intelligent production lines

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From initial contact to technical exchange, as well as through rapid response and professional support such as design and manufacturing, on-site installation and commissioning, you can rely on the professional and accurate customized supplier of nano grinding intelligent equipment system. We have the ability to integrate resources and experience in overall planning the entire project, even if it is complex, with the help of PUHLER ® With cutting-edge technology and rich experience in the field of wet grinding, we can provide you with a complete set of ideal customized solutions (turnkey project) through customized packaging services.


1. Finished product tank

Volume: 1000L; High speed dispersion: 15KW; Low speed mixing: 7.5KW; Weighing accuracy: 0.2%.

2. Premix batching tank

Volume: 550L; High speed dispersion: 7.5KW; Low speed mixing: 2.2KW; Pre mixing time: 1~1.5 h.

3. Utilities

Total installed power: 240KW 380V 50HZ

Chilled water: outlet water temperature: 5~10 ℃; chilled water consumption: 21m ³/ h;

Compressed air: pressure: 0.4~0.7Mpa Gas consumption: 2.6m ³/ h;

Nitrogen: pressure: 0.3~0.6Mpa; dosage: 5m ³/ min。

4. Temperature and humidity control system

Control humidity: < 20%; Control temperature: 0~30 ℃.

5. Control system

PUHLER ® The control system adopts modular design, so it can be improved according to specific operation requirements.

6. Pre-dispersion equipment: ET 180 ultra-high pressure homogenizer

Working pressure: 0~1680bar; Processing capacity: 180L/h; Power end: electric three plunger.

7. Rough grinding equipment: NIZZOLI ® 75 New generation dispersion grinder

Installed power: 75KW; Processing capacity: 2100L/h; Zirconium bead diameter: 0.3~2.0mm; Filling rate: 75~90%.

8. Grinding transfer tank

Volume: 550L; Low speed mixing: 2.2KW; Weighing accuracy: 0.2%.

9. Fine grinding equipment: PHK 60CE vertical sand mill without shaft seal and screen

Installed power: 75KW; Processing capacity: 2300L/h; Zirconium bead diameter: 0.05~0.3mm; Filling rate: 60~75%.

10. Automatic filling system

Processing capacity: 0~200kg/barrel; Filling accuracy: 0.2%.

11. Dust free feeding and conveying system

Automatic batching amount: 1~15T/h; Batching accuracy: ≤ 0.5%; Automatic packaging scale: 1~15T/h; Gas consumption: 0.6m ³/ h。

Below is Puhler one case for Customization of the whole plant:

Use the dust-free feeding and conveying system (11) to mix materials in the premixed batching tank (2), and cooperate with PUHLER ® The ultra-high pressure homogenizer Eiger Torrent ET 180-168Mpa (6) uses materials to enter a valve group with adjustable pressure under the action of a specially made plunger. After passing through a flow limiting gap (working area) of a specific width, the materials with instantaneous pressure loss are ejected at a very high flow rate (1000-1500m/s) and collide with the impact ring of one of the impact valve components. The generated ultra-high pressure energy makes the materials release instantaneously through the slit, Three effects are produced: high shearing effect, hole effect and collision effect, which can make the material reach the effect of crushing, homogenization, emulsification or pre dispersion, and then combine with the new generation of dispersion grinder iMo Smart ® NIZZOLI 75 grinding system (7) roughly grinds the premixed slurry to ensure the stable output of products and smooth discharge in the fine grinding stage, The slurry enters the grinding transfer tank (8), and the new vertical sand mill PHK 60CE (9) with no shaft seal and no screen is used to grind the product in a non-destructive manner by using the tandem grinding process combined with the new nano grinding technology (to completely solve the four problems of the horizontal sand mill in the nano grinding process: the mechanical seal is easy to leak or damage, the separator screen is easy to block, it is difficult to grind with ultrafine zirconium beads, and the product particle distribution is uneven), The slurry enters the finished product tank (1) and is pumped to the automatic filling system (10) for packaging. The production line is designed with a water control system that combines the vacuum and nitrogen of utilities (3, 4) to monitor the water content of the input gas in real time, so that the water content of the slurry is less than 500ppm under the closed-loop production conditions; The control system adopts DCS automatic control system (5). Its superior system is located in the central control room, which is used to monitor and control all station equipment in the whole area. The whole system is connected through industrial Ethernet to realize centralized monitoring of the operation of each system in the central control room.