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InNovaZ TRL-B PLANT Intelligent Powder-liquid mixing and grinding workstation

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Puhler/LEIMIX
Certification:CE,ISO14001,ISO9001,ISO45001,Intellectual Property Management System Certificate
Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:Wooden case
Delivery Time:30-60days
Payment Terms:30% down payment by T/T, 70% balance before shipment by T/T.


TRL-B system is an automated powder-liquid mixing and grinding system developed and designed by LEIMIX(Puhler company). The workstation maintains a dynamic balance of powder and liquid during the mixing process and can accomplish continuous mixing of large batches while grinding slurries ultra-fine, with excellent batch stability and high productivity. The huge mixing, emulsifying and grinding steps are integrated in a single machine. Some of the traditional equipment and processing steps are completely eliminated. Due to dust-free and low loss of suction powder, even difficult to wet, sticky or dusty powders are easily cleaned and raw materials are suctioned and powder dispersed directly from silos (intermediate buffers), tonnage bags, hoppers, bags, drums, etc. The advantages of the multi-functional TRL-B system are established by the modular structure assembly, which allows easy replacement of spindle/mixing head and grinding rotor.

A Powder-liquid mixing system

In-line dispersion pumps use a high shear rotor-stator working principle. The narrow gap between the rotor and stator and the high outer ring linear velocity rotating the rotor generate a strong shear gradient and vacuum negative pressure suction. Through the grooves, the product between the teeth of the rotor is forced into the shear zone and centrifugal force is generated through the stator grooves into the grinding system.

B Grinding System

The powerful full-size nano-sander is an essential part of the system, ensuring that the system works efficiently, quickly, safely and reliably. The large diameter rotor generates suction power at high speed with a powerful vacuum self-priming system designed to provide conveying power for the entire workstation system, powering both solid materials and liquid slurries. The machine is an economical choice for grinding large quantities of materials, and the investment in equipment and grinding media selection costs are low compared to other grinding equipment. It revolutionizes the traditional grinding concept and technology, and changes and subverts the grinding structure qualitatively.

C Emulsification System

It is mainly composed of two functional structures: Jet-stream Dispersion Rotor and Kettle Bottom High Shear Rotor. The Jet-stream Dispersion Rotor is a highly efficient, fast and evenly distributed material by the high shear line speed and strong kinetic energy brought by the high frequency mechanical effect of the rotor rotating at high speed, so that the material is subjected to strong mechanical and hydraulic shear, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, impact tearing and turbulence in the narrow gap of the stator and rotor. So that the insoluble solid phase, liquid phase, gas phase in the corresponding mature process and the appropriate amount of additives under the joint action, instant uniform fine dispersion emulsification, after high-frequency cycle reciprocation, and then high-speed rotation of the bottom of the kettle high shear rotor quickly the bottom of the kettle material two-way inhalation rotor, stator work area, in a very narrow gap is subjected to intense mechanical movement and hydraulic shear, so that the material shear, tear, broken, while Rapidly with the middle and high level materials for mixing and homogenization, the back to get a stable high-quality products.


RL-B is composed of three major parts: powder-liquid mixing system (TRL-C), grinding system (PHN Large) and emulsification system, with PLC intelligent integrated automatic control operation.

①Main motor: 2P-15KW

②Powder-liquid mixing system

③Grinding motor: 4P-15KW

④Grinding system

⑤High shear downward rotating motor: 4P-2.2/3KW

⑥Emulsification system.

⑦High shear dispersion motor: 4P-2.2/3KW

⑧PLC integrated intelligent control



Quick Detail

1,Working with high stability and productivity.

2,Integration of huge mixing, emulsifying and grinding steps.

3,No dust and low loss

4,Easy to clean

Competitive Advantage

1,For the sake of coping with the complex working conditions of the dispersion and mixing system,it is well equipped with mixing system, emulsification system, heating system, weighing system, vacuum pressure system, temperature and pressure sensing system and online detection system.

2,allows easy replacement of spindle/mixing head and grinding rotor.

3,Adopt system integration combination workstation: according to different application requirements, choose SUS304 or 316L stainless steel, zirconium oxide ceramic material manufacturing. The whole equipment system is relatively airtight, clean, sanitary, safe, beautiful and easy to operate.

4,Easy to operate.PLC integrated intelligent control


research and production of nano-paste, carbon nano-tubes, inkjet, creams, chemical synthesis reactions, and mixing of high viscosity materials. Experimental and production models are available, and modular customization.

Automotive paint, electronic ceramics, photoelectric industry,functional coatings, biopharmaceuticals, cell crushing, chip polishing solution , magnetic materials, carbon tubes, color paste, dental filler, carotene, pesticide suspension, ceramic inkjet, life sciences, food industry, cosmetics, graphene, ternary materials nickel cobalt manganese, electronic ceramics, titanium dioxide.chocolate,cosmetics,coco,ink,spice,battery.biotech.

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