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2020 Back to work, PUHLER is ready!

2020 Back to work, PUHLER is ready!

  • Feb 19,2020.

2020 Back to work, PUHLER is ready!

Winter will pass, spring will come.

In order to further stabilize the current enterprise economic operation, to win the epidemic sniping action, according to the actual situation of our company, PUHLER restart to work and production in February 10, 2020. When the enterprise resumes operation, it shall strictly implement the prevention and control of the epidemic, to ensure the health and safety of the workers who returning to work, create a safe and orderly production environment.

Full preparation for resumption of production

Strict control

1. Before entering the office area

Sign in

Employees are required to register information (residence, the people who used to contact with, etc.) at the security booth window when entering the factory every day, and receive 3 disposable surgical masks and 1 disposable shoe cover.

Measuring body temperature

Employees shall take their temperature every day when entering the factory. Any temperature higher than 37.3℃ shall not enter.

2. When entering the office area

Protective wear

1Please wear the mask issued by the company when entering the factory and change every four hours

2Before entering the factory, put on disposable shoe cover.

3. Comprehensive disinfection

Before the formal commencement of work, the factory has been thoroughly disinfected, workshops, offices and other places, to provide a safe and harmless working environment for employees.

4. Supervision and management

1Strengthen the supervision and management of the factory, the person entering and leaving the factory must be well registered

2Outsiders are not allowed to enter the factory

3All express and external items shall be confirmed with recipient by the Courier by phone. After being confirmed by the security guard and the recipient, the security guard will sign for themand the recipient will collect them after work.

4All vehicles are not allowed to enter the factory, need to park outside the factory, and do registration.

5. Epidemic prevention propaganda

The propaganda column in the factory should do propaganda in epidemic prevention, guide the employees on how to do a good epidemic prevention, implement the guidance of safe production and safe working, we all should work together to fight against the epidemic.

6. Avoid crowds

Before the outbreak was fully relieved, the lunch should be brought by the staff, and the meals were eaten stagger in batches. In strict accordance with the dining regulations for one person one table, eat independently in the canteen, no communication. Wash your hands before and after eating. The subsidy is 15 yuan per day.

7. Pay attention to personal hygiene

Wash hands frequently, keep ventilation, wear masks and shoe covers as required, cooperate with inspection actively, and report if any discomfort.

8. Work online

Reasonable use of network office, to ensure the orderly implementation of production and business. Although the virus separate us, but we have always been in contact, you can contact our staff through telephone, WeChat, E-mail and other online ways for communication at any time.

Under the premise of doing prevention and control, PUHLER group strives to keep the work of all departments stable and orderly, restore the normal operation of the industry, and provide services for all customers and friends. We are always ready for you as long as you need!

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